the classes

I decided to take classes totally out of my typical creative comfort zone….

First was Block Printing with Lizzy House. (who by the way is very sweet & quite funny and a fabulous fabric designer to boot)

We drew a little…. jogged our creative minds and then created stamps using carving tools & linoleum blocks. I *loved* this class. Oh the things that are piling up in my mind to be created with stamps, ink & fabric. 

I've never been creative in a group setting before, well except knitting groups, but that's different. It was very inspiring to see what everyone came up with. Especially Kate, who professes to be unartistic and carved this huge fantastic owl stamp. Uhm…. uncreative? I think not.


block printing


finished fabric


Every meal time held the opportunity to see what everyone was up to. We shared projects on the gallery table and it was ever so fun to see everyone's treasures. I seriously wish I could have taken several other classes…. just so much goodness to soak up!


the gallery


Day two of classes was The Three Tools with Terri who said in the beginning of the class something like "power tools are like a sewing machine, they're just louder."  How can you not love that statement?


3 tools


She let us invade her home, studio and make super sweet tool boxes AND even fed us all lunch. Her studio is truly a dream place to hang out it. I want one just like it when I'm all grown up. What a fabulous woman to spend a day with!


the best studio ever - wow


creative sidekick, Pete


my creative furry sidekick, Pete the cat


using power tools... rock on!


power tools…. yes, that's me in the gnome hat…


3 tools 6 pack holder


So what kind of tool box did I make? 


for the brewer in my life (smooches)


Well I was feeling awfully grateful for that sweet husband of mine… home alone with 4 kids in the sweltering heat….. what a great guy you know? So I made him a homebrew six pack holder. Reclaimed wood & leather and a hinge for fun. The perfect thing to tote his homebrew to a shin-dig to share it. And while on the trip my mama & I managed to find some incredible Maine Beer and a whole lot of other treats to tuck inside it. 

Our last day was a yoga class with Michelle…. which I have no pictures of. It was a wonderful way to wrap up the classes and I really hope to bring the practice into my daily rhythm now that I'm home. Somewhere between finally doing a proper downward dog and relaxing on my mat next to the fire my heart melted into a grateful puddle. A beautiful calm, that I am still hanging on to.

See you tomorrow πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “the classes

  1. Isn't it sweet? Joe is hoarding his Maine homebrew in it…. it's on the nightstand in our room because he says he wants to "look at it for awhile". He cracks me up.


  2. I knew that was you in the gnome hat. I could pick you out a million miles away. Who else but a few of us would wear a gnome hat? You know I’d be right there with ya.
    Love the six pack holder and who doesn’t love a studio with a crafting kitty. That studio looks incredible. Your time there is inspiring me from the screen. Oh how I would love to take that fabric printing class. So glad you got to go. What a treat.


  3. Haha πŸ™‚ You are too sweet. My gnome hat is so ridiculously fun to wear & I'll attempt to share some creative abilities via telepathy… let me know if they come through. lol


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