At Squam……

The Squam Art Workshops are held in a beautiful spot on a magical lake in New Hampshire. A fantastic group of women (a few men did brave it, but sparsely) gathers for a long weekend of good times.

I quickly realized that so many people gather for company first, and classes second. I totally had it reversed in my assumptions. The classes were wonderful, of course, but the ladies? Oh my. I laughed harder than I have in awhile and found myself in the company of fast friends. There is no typical squammie. Everyone comes from different places in their life and it seems the one common thread between us was an open heart. It was so amazing.

The cabins, the lake, the fair, the everything. It was just so very good.


awaiting Jonatha

the playhouse….. all set up & waiting for Jonatha


the cabin

sunshine in the cabin…..


our ice box

the old school ice box…. I so love this..


on ice



the table


knitting, wine & beer, treats,

bug spray & anti itch creme for the evil mosquitos for 10 women

yes, in that order!


Gypsy Forest at the Art Fair

a (very nervous) picture of me at the fair…

I was so amazed & grateful for the support I received.


silly self portrait

a silly self portrait on the stairs of the cabin..



our cabin, ardenwood

bathing in the gorgeous sunlight on our last day at Squam


Much gratitude to the genius  mind of Elizabeth for dreaming this up…

& all the volunteers that make it happen…

to my mama for treating me…

the cabin roomies for their love & laughter…

and all the other amazing people I got to hang with.


I'll be sharing the classes tomorrow!


18 thoughts on “At Squam……

  1. That looks like sooooo very much fun! I can’t quite recall how I got here…I was checking my stats which led me to look up a blog that referred me and their blog roll which led me to someone’s else’s blog which…well, you get the idea. So, I think we have a reader of a reader of a reader who reads you. Or me. Or something.
    Anyway, that’s not a silly picture of you, it’s lovely.
    Melyssa from


  2. Welcome Home! I was thinking of you so much. Your photos are lovely. I just adore that ice box. I’ve never seen one like that. How fun! Your tables were so beautiful just filled with all of your talented handwork. I’m so happy that you got to spend this time with your mother and all of the wonderful women at Squam. I can hardly wait to hear about the classes. Glad you’re home safe and sound.


  3. Wandering can be the best way to find new friends 🙂 Just peeked a bit into your space and can I just say…. wow. For reals. I'll definitely be visiting it again 🙂


  4. Thank you Valarie 🙂 The ice box is too great, right? Can you believe this was the first time I'd left my kids for this amount of time? I've always had some of them with me. It was refreshing to remember I exist as one person, but gosh did I ever miss everyone too. You will love the classes I took… sharing them today 🙂


  5. hi stephinie, i love your posts from your visit to SAW. thanks so much for giving us a glimpse of what goes on!! i’ll be attending my first squam experience this fall…i’m taking three classes and I CANNOT WAIT. i’ve been looking at some pics on the flickr site and i’m just in awe of it all. thanks for sharing your experience…


  6. Hello Francesca….. I am so glad you enjoyed the photos. It was a wonderful place to visit. I do think you are in for a fantastic adventure this fall. And if you've visited New England that time of year you are in for a real treat…… it is simply gorgeous! Wishing you a very inspiring trip 🙂


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