away we go…..

I guess I sort of have a theme… on the road… away we go…

dang, has life been busy!

We made it through the weekend and we sat down tonight to a dinner of Alaskan Red Salmon, local squash and home grown basil & tomato salad. (Joe says, don't forget the homebrew!) Yum.

The water has stayed in the places where it should… so the kids are planning what they can do 25 sand bags. This could get messy….


sand bags


We owe a huge thank you to our city and to the National Guard for all their hard work, and though it might seem trivial, the young boy in our house has loved (LOVED) watching "all those cool trucks" right outside the front window….


big trucks


The kids kept busy while their feral mother was sewing…. never underestimate the fun in some scrap wood and a box of nails….




Ta-da! Endless entertainment, for sure.




If any of you would like to support the fantastic Squam Art Workshops, you can enter to win one of the many lovely prizes in their raffle. Best of all, you don't even need to be there to win! And one of the grand prizes is a beautiful Spindrift Quilt, donated by yours truly. (Feeling oh so very humbled that my quilt is considered a grand prize, wow.)


raffle quilt


Speaking of Gypsy Forest Handmade, I started a Flickr pool for all you lovely folks to share some photos of Gypsy Forest handmades in action. Do take a look and know that I will be ever so grateful if you choose to join and share some photos. I put a link to it on the left sidebar so you can visit whenever you want.

And of course a promised sneak peek of my goodies…..

The new reversible ORGANIC twirl skirts….. these will be available in the shop as soon as I get home (about June 15) and there will be several of them at the art fair in Squam if you can make it!


reversible skirt


Look at those sweet! Oh my.


So, farewell my sweet friends, until I get back from Squam. Mom & I are headed at the door at 5 am tomorrow and I'm totally unplugging for the trip…

I'll see in 10 days….


Much Love,


10 thoughts on “away we go…..

  1. Have a glorious time. It looks like an amazing event. And congratulations on being GRAND! 🙂 So happy to hear the flood waters are receding!!


  2. I am so happy that the water did not reach you. Those skirts look amazing, and I wish you so much fun at Squam. I have some pictures that I will both send to you, and post to the Flickr pool this week. Stay safe my friend.


  3. Yay! Saved from the water!
    Um, it’s not that I don’t love the handmade and chilluns photos, ‘cuz I do, but next time you get a bunch of boys in uniform, could you get us a few photos of them as well? ;P
    Safe travels!


  4. Have a WONDERFUL trip! (Or, since you’re reading this upon returning, I hope it was a grand time with your Ma).
    Your heirloom tomatoes are gorgeous. I would say the green thumb has landed.


  5. I am laughing out loud, seriously! Because I married a man in uniform…. still brings a smile to my face when he's all dressed up. And then he looks at me and says "what??!" Love it. I'll try for ya 🙂 My trip was fantastic…. feeling so refreshed and filled up with all that is good in the world. Bliss is so good 🙂


  6. The trip was so great. I can't quite put into words yet…. just beyond good. Maine is incredible and the workshops… wow. Being around a group of like minded creative women was just too good. And Joe took good care of the garden which is mildly wilting in the heat wave but still producing… cruddy tomatoes for dinner tonight. Recipe to be share soon 🙂


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