On the road…..

Guess What? 

I got all the sewing done!

I can't believe it. I pulled an all-nighter….. but its all finished.

I'll give you a sneak peek when I get it all tagged this weekend…. wait until you see the skirts!

We've got a very, very busy weekend ahead of us.

We're piling in the car in a few moments to drive north to drop Sam off for orientation…. a story for another day…




Fresh coffee & strawberries from the garden….

life is good.


Have a fantastic weekend!


18 thoughts on “On the road…..

  1. Hey there,
    popping in to say hi,I went AWOL for a while on my blog and blog reading,hoping to be back once I get through this backlog of editing.
    happy to see you are still dry,
    be well,


  2. The only thing that might make dropping Sam off at orientation scarier is that he would be driving there :~D


  3. Congratulations Stephinie! Almost time to just relax and enjoy the ride. What a wonderful feeling that will be! Can’t wait to hear more about Sam’s new school! 🙂
    Enjoy your next few weeks!!!!


  4. Eeek! I am definitely not ready for a driving kid just yet…. I'm barely recovering from one that just finished up 9th grade. The school seems to be a perfect fit for him…. any place that has a quidditch club has got to be full of Sam like kids 🙂


  5. Dropped him off & he had new friends by the time we left orientation…. looks like a great group of kids. Loved seeing him with such a smile on his face and that he still ran over and gave me a hug goodbye 🙂


  6. Hi, I just got back myself. Congrats on getting everything done. I know you’ll do great. Have a wonderful weekend during orientation. The strawberries look great! Be well.


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