~right now~


right now i am::


~listening to Elizabeth, via podcast & even more excited to meet her next month


~eating heirloom tomatoes from our garden


right now i am


~and grain topped vegetable pie from this book


right now i am


~waiting for this book to arrive at my loved local library


~working and filling a suitcase for the fair


right now i am


~enjoying little helpers who keep me company as I sew


right now i am


~marveling at these sturdy tomatillo plants reaching towards the sun


right now i am


~watching my girl & her magic little dragonfly friend


right now i am


~looking forward to our weekly visit to the farm


  ~grateful for an afternoon scheduled to hang with good friends


A huge heartfelt thank you to all of your comments on that last post. From the bottom of my heart, you are really the best….


Be well & happy weekend to you!


8 thoughts on “~right now~

  1. That dragonfly is beautiful! And so are your sewing, food, plants! šŸ™‚ Continuing to join you in hope that all the preparations will – in the end – be unnecessary.


  2. Thanks Nicola šŸ™‚ I have been so loving super natural everyday….. we've been eating out of it for days. Definitely worth reading since there are lots of GF recipes in it. (and clean start as well) Gotta love the library!


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