Suburban Gardening


Our little suburban garden is thriving……


garden mixed greens


A little love and lots of water and some fish emulsion & composted chicken manure have turned the seedlings into lush lovely plants that are beginning to bare fruit. It's been very exciting to eat our first salads of mixed greens and cucumbers in the last week. Oh those cucumbers….. I really, really love those cucumbers. We planted suhyo longs, a seedless variety that is doing quite well for us so far!


suhyo long cuke


Some of our heirloom tomatoes have begun to ripen and that has brought on some near hysteria levels of excitement (and further obsession of gardening).




Dragon beans, snap beans and squash blossoms are working over time producing blossoms and the wee beginnings of vegetables for us to eat. After so much trouble in the backyard, I am so happy to finally be enjoying the gardening and feeding my family from it. Even if it's in the smallest dinner salad or sliced cucumber to top their sandwich…. 






All of this excitement spurred our most recent project. A garden journal. It's been a collaborative effort between us girls in the house. We decorated a blank book and have recorded our plant varieties, created a garden map complete with key and what we have harvested from the garden. 








And not surprisingly, the harvesting is the favorite part to record. Counting of strawberries each morning and making slash marks into the book…. anticipating the wee summer squash plumping up on the vines and the cantaloupe that is just starting to make some tiny fruits. Adding a new picture to the list under "HARVEST" is done with great care & excitement by each of us. A thriving garden is such a lovely place to learn and discover a whole lot of natural science.

And of course…… to pick some very yummy snacks….






the first tomato


Last night, when we finally came to the agreement that this heirloom tomato was ripe, we had our first taste of edible sunshine. Sweet and full of flavor. This variety is called a Black Prince and my are those heirlooms ever beautiful? One precious wedge of tomato sat upon each garden fresh greens & sliced cucumber salad at our dinner table. There was a brief moment of silence and much gratitude for that first tomato. 

And then Joe asked, "So how much did that tomato really cost us?"

Which made the big kids roar with laughter.

"But it was the best tomato ever!" I replied…..

And it was.


8 thoughts on “Suburban Gardening

  1. Isn’t it great šŸ™‚ We’re having fun adding to it each day. She did a GREAT job on the map. I was blown away….. so cool! The grape tomatoes are FULL of green fruit. Here’s hoping to bowls full to share when you visit!


  2. Love the harvest journal, what a great idea. That tomato looked almost too good to eat, *almost*.And I may have said this before but looking at your garden photos is like looking at an alternate universe. It snowed here this morning!


  3. That is definitely a Joe…a Man comment..roflmao I know he truly appreciates it though. I love the garden journal. I’ll have to do that next year. What a great idea!
    Oh, and I definitely notice a positive difference on the photographs. šŸ™‚


  4. Love your husband’s comment. Sounds like our sarcasm over our very expensive, homegrown eggs! But, it’s soooo much more fun to forage from the backyard than from the grocery store!
    Beautiful photos!!


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