8 thoughts on “Summer is…..

  1. Pool noodles…what did we do before pool noodles? In my kindergarten gym class we play spaghetti and meatball hockey…using noodles to push a ball around. Hilarious! They also make great drama props…they become electric guitars, horses, stir sticks…etc. What a beautiful photo of your child…love his little muscles! Sweet as can be.


  2. You saw them….. that is exactly why I took the picture. The greatest thing is that I had on a macro lens, so this is the *only* shot I got. And it was good. A perfect mother's day gift to my soul for sure 😉


  3. He went out of his way to carry them all. It was so totally sweet. He got half way across the parking lot with them falling out of his hands before he finally let anyone help him out. And yes, noodles are quite multifunctional…. (I don't think thats a word! lol) they used the all afternoon as swords, obstacle courses, antennae & more!


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