handmade friday

I've been working on several (think dozens) of sets of lavender sachets. Small 4×4~ish in size sewn up with organic cotton fabric and stuffed with organic lavender. This was by far one of the most relaxing projects I've worked on. The entire room smelled so heavenly.


lavender sachets


lavender sachets


lavender sachets


These little sachets have so many uses. Tuck them into suitcases, drawers, closet shelves or in the car. If they seem to lose some scent you just need to squish them up a bit… they last quite awhile. I've also heard of folks tossing them into the dryer to lightly scent freshly washed clothes, I need to try this with our bed sheets.

Another great use for lavender sachets is to toss them into your knitting bag and let them keep your knitting smelling of fresh flowers. What? You don't have a knitting bag? Well, take a peek at these……


all purpose drawstring bag


Linen drawstring bags, fully lined with a lovely little patchwork piece on the front. These can be used for anything your heart desires to put into a pretty little bag and cinch closed. A sack lunch, a gift for a friend, storage for a game or your current knitting project. Oh the possibilities!

The Sachets & All Purpose Bags will debut at the Squam Art Fair & be available in the shop in June.


Happy Friday & have a wonderful weekend!


10 thoughts on “handmade friday

  1. All that tree fabric makes me realise that botanical prints are my absolute favourite. The colours and prints are energizing and so beautiful! Love the idea of lavender-scented knitting! You do gorgeous work.


  2. I LIKE!
    I planted a lavender plant, for the first time, this year.
    What a great idea you have. And, what a wonderful way to use some of my vintage scraps of fabric.


  3. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Any botanical prints are my favorite too. And the kids novelty type prints I love are all forest themed. Just a woodsy sort of girl I suppose!


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