Mindful Monday

After a quiet morning of Easter bunny magic, we spent about 6 hours tending to the garden. We, mostly meaning Joe & I with the intermittent help from the little ones and snacks made by the house chef (Jade!)

5 pm arrived before we knew it and we stumbled inside, exhausted and happy after a hard day's work. Our dinner flew together quickly……. our first taste of goat steaks from Brookshire Farm, beautiful yellow & green beans roasted with sea salt & olive oil from Market Basket and fried squash blossoms from our own garden.

As the meal came together I realized {with the exception of the flour, spices & olive oil} that we were sitting down to a completely local meal. I was awfully, ridiculously, giddy at the notion of this…. and a recent passage from this book came to mind……


"Eaters must understand, how we eat determines how the world is used." 

Barbara Kingsolver in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle


squash blossoms from the garden


The meal was delicious and eaten with such gratitude.

Mindful food, how wonderful is that?

And if like us, you have an over abundance of male squash blossoms in the garden…. you can pluck them off after they've closed and eat them in salad, pasta or for a lovely treat try this recipe. 

~Whisk together one egg & 2 TBSP of milk in a bowl, set aside. In a shallow dish mix 1/2 cup of whole wheat pastry flour with 1/4 cup of blue cornmeal. Sprinkle in some salt, pepper & garlic powder. Dip the squash blossoms in the egg mixture and dredge through the flour mixture. Fry gently in olive oil over medium to medium high heat. (preheat the pan with the oil, it's ready when a sprinkle of flour sizzles in it) Turn to evenly cook, they are done when they are golden brown. I've heard they are delicious stuff with a spoon full of  cheese before frying…. we're trying chèvre next time.



12 thoughts on “Mindful Monday

  1. our grandma used to stuff them with a bread crumb/cheese stuffing (like zucchini boats) to make “zucchine pings” A wonderful treat I have not had for many years! Wish you could send some to us 🙂


  2. Congrats on your tasteful local meal. Ever since I read Barbara I’ve had a consciousness about eating local. There are so many of us eating local here that they’ve recently opened up a store called the local. All organic, all grown right here. Enjoy your squash blossoms.


  3. Learn something new everyday.!!! I just did thanks to my Granddaughter. Never heard about eating squash blossoms before. Wow!


  4. That wind has been crazy hasn't it? I've got to get everything staked before it gets any taller. We sauteed a few blossoms & added them to our pasta last night, delicious!


  5. They were wonderful! We’ve been collecting them daily and using them every other day in salads & pasta. The costata romanesco zucchini (an italian heirloom) have especially *huge* gorgeous blossoms. We are going to stuff them with cheese & fresh herbs and fry them up this weekend…. lovely weekend food for sure 🙂


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