some rather exciting news….

Over the past few weeks, especially during my quiet month of March, I've been working on making some big changes to the shop. I have long wanted to use organic textiles in my sewing, however purchasing these fabrics at retail meant charging a price for my handmades that was very out of price range for most of us. Over the past few weeks I scraped & saved and sold off some unused crafting supplies in a huge destash sale to buy…….. bolts. 




Gypsy Forest has officially gone wholesale!

And even better, organic. I'll still be sewing with my previous stash of fabric too for awhile, but things will slowly be going green in the shop and there will be lots of all organic handmades to choose from. Having yardage also means customers can easily request custom orders as well.

But the bolts…. I mean BOLTS! Wow. After a week of sewing with them I can say that I do love the change of having so much of one print. The first bolts in are all from Cloud 9's Nature Walk Collection. These fabrics are made using low impact dyes and organic cotton and they have been a wonderful company to do business with as well. You can read a bit more about their business and why organic cotton is better for all of us right here.




More bolts are due in sometime in May & I will share them with you just as soon as they arrive. 

But that's not all, I'm participating in my first ever Art Fair at……



Squam ArtFair_BUTTON    



Yes really, at Squam. Even as I type those words it all seems a little too surreal. My mom & I will be attending the workshops this year and I offered to donate a quilt for the fundraising raffle. Elizabeth admired my work and suggested I participate in the fair and my mom has graciously offered to assist me in any way… and there you have it. It all fell together in such a way that I still wonder if it's all real. If I'm dreaming, please wait until mid June to wake me up, okay? 

And so, in order to keep my sanity I will sadly not be updating my shop until after I return from SAW. All of my sewing time will be to fill a suitcase full of goodies to offer at my table. I will however be showing all of you a sneak peek of the goods each Friday until then, sort of a little show & tell each week. I hope you enjoy it.

And for any of you that might be thinking of heading to the Squam Art Fair I would love to meet you, do stop by & say hello!


6 thoughts on “some rather exciting news….

  1. One day, I am going to use the skills I learned in that sewing class. Until then, feel free to add napkins and placemats to the shop soz I can buy them. (Please and thank you.)


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