One man gathers what another man spills……

"Steph, you have to see what the neighbors are getting rid of." Joe yelled from the door. "It looks like a greenhouse!"

Louisiana might not offer much by way of traditional recycling, but the "reuse it" system down here is something else. Every weekend people put their bulky stuff that's no longer wanted/needed on the curb and by Sunday evening a whole lot of it is gone. People drive their cars around and pick up other folks "garbage". We've gotten a lot of good stuff this way. A bike, patio chairs, an old wooden box and gardening pots.

But a greenhouse? So I wandered outside to find my husband in the driveway. He points to his treasure. I tell him it's a curio cabinet. "A what?" he says to me. It's like a display for knick knacks, I tell him. He found this amusing and we walked over to look at it. Laid on it's side, the hinged glass door opened like a toybox of sorts.

"It would make a perfect little greenhouse, you could grow lettuce in it all winter," Joe said to me.




And so the two of us hoisted it up and carried it across the street. It needs some holes drilled for drainage & ventilation and he is going to attach a larger pull to open and close it…. but it really does make a darn good little greenhouse. My pepper seedlings are totally digging their new house.




Everything in our suburban garden is going well. We've been getting a few organic strawberries each day. Big juicy sweet ones eaten straight out of the garden. 




The tomato seedlings are officially into plant status at nearly 8 inches tall and thankfully my extras will be heading to homeschool co-op on Friday to friends. Sliding glass door greenhouse & fish emulsion are certainly responsible for their healthy stature. I have never had such good luck!






And the basil, oh how I do love the basil. It tolerates the heat & humidity down here and makes me smile and swoon all summer long with it's tasty leaves and intoxicating aroma…..




The heirloom tomatoes I purchased have also grown and green tomatoes are making my mouth water and have me checking them every day for the slightest hint of red peeking through…… not yet…. but there will surely be a celebration of sorts for the first ripe tomato from the garden.




Thanks to Joe, who climbed on the roof of the garage to get this shot, you can see my whole garden. It's definitely taking over the driveway…… but we love it. I spent all day rearranging things and planting tomatoes on Sunday while Joe built more boxes to house my plants. We're getting pretty close to running out of room…… 




Anyone else enjoying their gardening?


20 thoughts on “One man gathers what another man spills……

  1. Diane’s Garden opens the first of the month. I can hardly wait. Hopefully everything will survive when I come to visit you, maybe I should hire Katie to come water them. Kudos to Joe on a great find!


  2. We have a teeny one this year. I’m keeping it small in an effort to actually.. you know.. take care of it. My thumb is green only so far as plants that let me neglect them. :/


  3. Oh my goodness! I love your garden! All those planters, what a great way not to tear up the grass for when you are ready to move on…:)
    And the curio DOES make a perfect greenhouse.


  4. What a fantastic find! It *does* make a pretty nice little greenhouse…
    I’m so jealous of all your lovely plants. We didn’t start seeds this year because we’re living in a rental, but I’m going to try to do some containers with purchased seedlings. But even still – up here things won’t be coming along as nicely as yours for quite a while! xoxo


  5. That is a find – love it when the husband’s are into finding treasure.
    I’m glad you’re having so much fun with your garden! I’m just happy my carrots are up and the greenhouse is rocking the salads.
    And your ceramic bowls are amazing, truly gorgeous.


  6. I love ‘bulk waste pick-up’ it happens twice a year in my city, Midvale UT. I have found some of my best treasures ever. ‘One man’s junk is another man’s treasure’ never tires’. And that is truly a brilliant use for a salvaged curio cabninet.
    Sincerly Inspired, Camille in UT.


  7. I totally neglected mine in the backyard….. but this year the driveway is like my very own oasis. Good luck with your garden…. I think growing any food, no matter the quantity, is awesome πŸ™‚


  8. Ah-ha, you are right! And I think my Lafayette pals will be happy to give homes to the strawberries and herbs and soil…. the soil will be hard to give up as it is finally pretty good! Looking forward to lettuce in December with Joe's find πŸ™‚


  9. I think container gardening is perfect for renters. And their is nothing wrong with a few buckets of tomatoes, chives, peas & herbs for snacking on. That is all we used to do when we lived in Alaska with a postage stamp sized yard.


  10. Thanks…. the bowls were great fun. I so want my very own kiln someday. The greenhouse is silly, right? But it will be perfect for a little lettuce maker come December!


  11. We are known to drive/walk around on Sundays to scout out good garbage! So much good free stuff πŸ™‚ That engineer husband of mine can see prospect in things beyond my own imagination….. that cabinet is just so perfect and it makes me laugh to think of the look on his face "curio what?" It was too funny. Come december it will *hopefully* be full of delicious greens.


  12. I never would have thought about using a cabinet for a greenhouse. Good thinkin!!!!
    Ive been itchin to plant some stuff myself. I cant start anything in my house because of my cats. They woulkd go nuts over the new stuff and possibly “attempt” to eat it or pee in it. YUCK!
    Its still a tad bit too cold outside in the mornings for me to plant anything on my deck. I’m hoping in 2 weeks it will be a different story. If not.. this time next month!! πŸ™‚


  13. yes, a grreat find. I love how your neighbors leave stuff out for others to snatch up!! such a good thing. I have been reusing things from my neighbors all spring… just noticing their unwanted items piling up. today, I scored a 5 foot cedar!
    our spring has JUST arrived up here in the praries of canada and I’ve been spending every spare minute on my new compost pile/raised beds/seedlings…
    soo good for the soul.


  14. Awesome! We call it curbside shopping and we have gotten tons of awesome stuff this way! The best is, when it doesn’t end up being awesome, you put it back on the curb and someone else takes it!


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