Sometimes it's not actually about the photograph.

It might not seem be a good picture. It might be grainy, or out of focus. The background could be full of "recyclable toys" and patches of grassless yard and leaves that need raked. It's a picture that will most likely not make it's way to the annual holiday letter. But for some reason you still love it. Do you have these too?

Something about this imperfect picture captured a truthful still life of our days…. an every day sort of real moment of nothing and everything all wrapped up together.

I found my boy sitting in this bucket talking away to no one…. happily lost in his world of make believe amidst the chaos of our messy backyard. His favorite dump truck with him. For a while, I just watched. As soon as he heard the camera click he looked up at me and grinned and asked what I was doing….. 

I was thinking the same thing about him.

I had broken the quiet with click of the camera….. and even though I snapped a photo of his sweet cheesy smile next, it didn't quite seem to sing to my mama heart the way this one does.


12 thoughts on “captured

  1. This might be off-topic and seemingly missing the point, but you probably can turn off the sound effects on your camera. Look under “utilities” or some such thing. Digital cameras mimic the sounds of old cameras to comfort people so they know they took a picture. But they can be almost silent!


  2. Beverly, you are so right! I just figured that out last fall. I have the beep turned off, but it's an slr so it still has a shutter & clicks. And somehow my kids know what that sound is 🙂


  3. Such a perfect little moment. I use to watch my littles be in their own world all the time. It looked like such a perfect place. Thanks for sharing your little guys perfect moment.
    Notice you’re reading Farm City…..there were parts of this book I was laughing so hard I was crying.


  4. Two wonderful things from this! One hearing of my grandson enjoying his imagination and life and the other one is hearing that there may be a family newsletter next Christmas. Maybe you can send it from my house. 🙂


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