Show & Tell

In March I took a pottery class. We met Colleen, a local artist, a few months ago while we were wandering around waiting to pick up some Cuban sandwiches & plantain for dinner. {so good!} We wandered into her shop/studio and chatted and quickly signed up for her next class. Jade & I both have had a lovely time getting to know Colleen.

During the six week class I learned about hand building and more about clay and a ton about high fire glazes. Surrounded by a group of women we all talked and laughed and created…. it was a great experience and now I am trying to figure out where I can fit a full size high fire kiln. Both space and budget wise! I'm trying to convince Joe our someday farm needs one.

I had this idea of creating very organic funky looking pieces. I  made a set of six bowls for us to use and a huge, I mean HUGE bowl for the table. Usually the big bowl is full of fruit, but I can't wait to fill it with our favorite summer pasta dish when we have garden fresh tomatoes. As Colleen presented the fresh out of the kiln bowls to me, I think I may have squeaked with excitement, she flashed a smile and said "Everything will taste better out of these bowls, really." 



Do you want to see them?

















Thank you for letting me share them with you. I'm still looking at them in that "wow, I made that" sort of way. I think a new recipe inspired by these is sure to follow soon……


36 thoughts on “Show & Tell

  1. those are awesome!! Ive always wanted to make my own bowls like that!
    We just only recently got a place in town that offers classes like that. If there was somewhere that did it before they sure didnt advertize.
    Very cool!!!


  2. I have a friend back in Virginia that has the big kiln set up in her basement. She started with bowls….and then bigger bowls. And then enormous bowls. And then when everyone and their uncle owned some of her bowls and she no longer had anyone to give them to, she started making the most gorgeous bird baths you have ever seen. Unfortunately, mine didn’t survive our first move as a military wife 😦 I could have strangled the packers/moving van driver.


  3. Bird baths?? Now that is a great idea. Go figure you would lose an irreplaceable item, right? Here's hoping all the things you hold dear make it safely to you next home 🙂


  4. Thank you 🙂 Everyone has been so sweet about my pottery creations! I really had a great time making them…. such a great hobby. Not that I need another one…. but it's useful, right?


  5. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to slowly create all of your own dishes? Thank you for the compliments…. I love them too…. and everything looks so pretty in them!
    It *is* so very nice to meet another LA blogger…… I just peeked in at your space and my is it ever so lovely!
    I hope you find a pottery class nearby 🙂


  6. My grape tomatoes should be in full swing when you get here. I am hoping for lettuce & cucumbers too. I have 30 tomato plants right now…. Joe is building boxes to house them all. I might be regretting this at some point??!!


  7. I love that big bowl. How incredible is that? I’ve always wanted to make my own dishes. I love the colors and those fun shapes. I can tell you just loved doing it. Thanks for sharing them with us.


  8. Wow. I have always wanted to make pottery….this is making me think it really could be a reality. Your bowls are beautiful.


  9. It was my first try and they really came out nice. The glaze really covers any imperfections (there are many!) I highly suggest seeking a class out, you will most likely love it!


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