The Note




After eight years I finally drove it. The bus.

I'm chicken, I know. I drove it to the pottery studio to help Colleen load the kiln.

Upon departure a handwritten note fluttered from the windshield.

It read :


"It was so good to see your plates. I just moved back to Baton Rouge after 22 yrs in AK. Have fun! ~ Liz"


 Between the nostalgia of the vintage vw and the Alaskan plates….. funny things happen when you drive that bus. That little note had me smiling for the rest of the day.


8 thoughts on “The Note

  1. You know it! Especially when it comes to coastal Alaska…. however I do think it's funny that people will randomly assume I *must* know someone…. Alaska may be a small community, but not that small!


  2. HEY! A quick glance at “the note”…it looks like it could read LR, instead of Liz. Perhaps it is just an optical illusion? Just curious! Not that it matters… : )


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