Avery Island :: Part II


Gator watching. 

We all stood at the top of the bank watching three heads peeking up out of the water and gliding along. Avery Island is a preserve and these gators were most likely far too familiar seeing humans (not afraid of us). Cautious, yes but so curious. They swam along the bank and then slowly crept out of the water to nibble at the oak leaves…. no doubt hoping we had tossed them food. Yes people do feed them…. why someone would want anything with that many teeth associating food with them is beyond my understanding.




And then the gators brought their friends……..






 Luke watched from a safe distance…….




With mama very close by.




Some of the gator's friends were very, very small…..




Pretty soon ALL of us were watching…..




That's about the time this one, the biggest of the bunch, looked at us and let out a great big "hisssssssssss!"




Which made the kids squeal and do this….. (totally more silly than scared!)




I had no idea that alligators hiss. I'm pretty sure it means something along the lines of "go away". Which we did after that! These alligators look big in the pictures, but they were only about 4 feet or so, which is a smaller gator. We kept our hands on the little ones and stayed a safe distance away, just in case your wondering. (I promise Grandma, we did!)

I'll be looking for those eyeballs floating above the water line next time we're out in a kayak. Life in the swamp, oh my!


{ps ~ thanks to the mamas who let me share this photo of the kids together, it's so great!}


8 thoughts on “Avery Island :: Part II

  1. Oh my gosh, that looks scary. I would have shrieked like that too if a gator hissed at me. I don’t care if they’re small gators, I wouldn’t want to become “gator bait ooh-ha-ha”. Looks like you had a great time.


  2. Oh so funny…. it is a favorite here too. I hum that little line from Dory when things are going awry….. makes me laugh. That and we always joke about speaking "orca". Ellen just cracks me up!


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