Well hello there!

It seems like such a long time since we've chatted.

A whole month of popping in here and leaving a brief little post & photo. It was a fun project, a break from writing the blog and fueled my creativity a bit too. All good stuff.

So what's new?

Let's see…… the driveway is full, FULL of plants. Everything that lived in the backyard has been relocated to the driveway. At the top of our driveway we get full sun. Unlike the backyard….. which I have been fighting with for two full years. I do love that the old oak shades the house from the harsh south sun….. but it turns out kale & chard are not as grateful. Please spare me the story telling of my beet growing success. Or, more accurately, the lack thereof. So after voicing my suburban gardener woes to the sweetest dread locked hippie at the farmer's market….. who by the way had the most epic basket of siberian kale….. he said to me "do you have a big tree or something in your yard?"

Uhm, yeah. Bingo. Essentially my backyard is a tree. And heat does not equal sunshine. At least not to plants anyway….. 




And so operation relocation was put into action….. I had lots of good helpers…..




The driveway is now full of potted plants, raised beds and I am quickly running out of room…… my seed starting went so well. Aside from a few ancient seed packets of flowers and the stubborn eggplant….. everything is growing strong. Even peppers…. I actually sprouted peppers! I did make sure to add a good amount of composted chicken poo & backyard compost to my soil before planting, but I have never had so many of my seeds do so well. (Thank You Fedco!) I'll be giving away some heirloom tomatoes to friends very soon…. because somehow I think I might not have room for the two dozen that I planted. 




Aside from my herbs that wintered over & six heirloom tomatoes I purchased from the garden center, everything else has been started by seed. Our impromptu greenhouse was a huge success. Yes, it is a sliding glass door!

So far we've got musk melon, seedless cucumbers, yellow & green zucchini, 5 varieties of tomatoes, peppers, husk cherries, dill, basil, cilantro, parsley, and two tiny hard to please eggplant seedlings. Peas & beans should be sprouting up through the soil any day and we're getting some green leafy stuff planted this afternoon. From last year we have 3 varieties of mint, lemon balm, oregano, thyme, rosemary and strawberries…. all of which have perked up and greened up and grown immensely since their move to the driveway.

Lately guests to the house have walked under the carport to the side door and upon arrival to the vastly growing suburban garden give a wide eyed "woah……" Sam's friends are careful to park their bike a safe distance from my green babies and no doubt think I'm a little nutty…. this is what happens when you read Farm City. Which I can fully blame on my friend Theresa up in Minnesota.




Now if I could just find a corner for some chickens…. or rabbits…. or…..


20 thoughts on “Well hello there!

  1. Hello, welcome back. Loved the beautiful photos during your month of silence. The garden is looking great. I’ve been working in my soil as well and getting ready to plant soon. I bet you’ll find some room for some chickens or rabbits. Enjoy your gardening moments.


  2. Gorgeous! I keep asking for goats. If I ever convince the husband, I’ll be moving my garden out front, too! Actually, we have half of a front flower bed left to dig up (it is overgrown with this awful groundcover that houses snakes), and as soon as we do that I’m turning it into a huge herb garden. I always wonder why more people don’t put herbs and veggies out front.


  3. Hi Stephinie!
    Those darn trees! πŸ™‚ They pose a problem in my parts too – that and the fact that we have had zilch precipitation since the snowy morning way back in the beginning of February.
    Are you able to have a front yard garden?
    I’ll have to check out Farm City.


  4. Oh, gardeny goodness. We had SNOW today and I haven’t even started my seeds yet. I usually start around St. Pat’s Day, but something in my bones (or was it the two feet of snow on the ground?) told me that this year’s frost date might be a little bit later than usual. Your tree is magnificent…does it have a tree house? It should! Shade is a blessing too…maybe a lovely garden full of hostas and impatiens in the back yard?


  5. Ahhh, no tree house. Though I quite agree…. the tree house would be rather far up or must be built around it…. still something we are considering πŸ™‚ I love impatiens… I will have to look for some and YES shade is an absolute blessing come July. Plus our cooling bill is usually $100 less than our friends. We LOVE that tree!


  6. Oh wow….. LA has been dry this spring too. But now it is easy to water everything since it is all co-located. I'd love to garden in the front yard. However there are two more oak trees out there! And truthfully, we're about halfway done with this gig…. so making the lawn look nice for selling the house is more of a priority. A dreadfully boring one, of course!


  7. Goats!!! Me too πŸ™‚ I bugged the husband ALL day for ducks…. but it was a no. Rosemary & basil have been the easiest herbs for me to grow. Oregano too. I'd love to put herbs out front… and they're pretty too! A huge cooking & medicinal garden, now that would be lovely!


  8. Thank you Valarie…. it was such a refreshing break. I did enjoy it. I would love to add some farm animals…. ducks maybe? But I suppose four kids and 2 dogs and a big fluffy cat will suffice for now πŸ™‚


  9. I really enjoyed your photo project, but welcome back!
    You sound like me. We are getting some help with our split level backyard and are just in the idea phase. I am thinking to move all the plants from the front to the back and make the front our edible garden. Lots of sun, no chickens to eat it all!


  10. Yay! Happy youre back! Loved all your pics!! Gregg and i are still lookin for a place to buy. I cant plant anything at my condo being as im on the 2nd floor and no water spicket. Hopefully ill be putting that place up for rent soon. Ive been itchin to plant something though. I used to grow corn when i lived with Zach. That was always fun. LOL. I would start in Feb and plant in May.. then i would get tiny little corns by the end of September. I was quite proud of them. LOL!! Have you thought about doing corn?
    This Spring here in Anchorage has brought too much snow. So my planting season ( for flowers on the deck ) is going to start off a bit later than i would like. Boo!!


  11. Oh I would so love chickens! Or something along that line….. but for now we'll just wait. I just got done reading Farm City…. wow! Totally inspiring πŸ™‚ A friend of mine had the lovely suggestion of doing all of her herbs out front…. I think that would be so nice. And I totally understand the need to get the garden moved out front away from the chickens! It is fun getting into the gardening groove and figuring things out and changing what doesn't work. I really enjoy it!


  12. Corn? Are you serious! That is so funny! I don't have space for corn with all the other stuff I have going on…… and my backyard was never sunny enough for it. However there is really nothing like fresh corn…. so hopefully the next place has enough room! I hope you guys find the perfect place soon…. a yard is a good thing!


  13. See, I should have considered some corn….. but seeing as I have 30 tomato plants, perhaps it is a good thing I dod not! I will think of that for next year though. And what was I thinking on the tomatoes??!! I have 20 grape tomato plants and 15 romas. All started from seed. My dear husband is building boxes for them this weekend. Even if things only go a little well, we should be up to our ears in red globes. I am still thinking this is good….. however I might reconsider come July!


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