Shmarmellow {marshmallow} Magic

We have tools here.

Oodles & oodles of tools.

Tools for fixing house stuff, vw buses, broken toilets, water heaters & tree trimming jobs. I think one of Joe's most famous lines is "but it's mutipurpose". To which I sigh and shake my head… laughing a bit. He can spend just as much time in a tool/hardware store looking as I can in a yarn/fabric store looking. 

Sometimes I think we finally bought this house so he finally had a good excuse to buy an air compressor. Which by the way is worth it's weight in homebrew when you replace ALL the baseboards in a house.

So the other day….

I was sewing and I smelled something strange.

Sort of sweet & yummy. Sort of burnt. I was headed down the hallway to see if my little man had caught something on fire.




Upon arrival into our kitchen, I see a smallish boy waiting unpatiently at his daddy's feet with the biggest smile EVER. And a daddy with a freshly toasted marshmallow in one hand and a blowtorch in the other.



"Daddy made me a shmarmellow," says my boy. At which point the whole toasted gooey mess is popped into his mouth and he waves and runs out the door into the backyard. Sticky fingers and all.

Joe flashes me his multipurpose grin. 

"You wanna shmarmellow mama?" he asks.




"Yes, but let me get my camera." I tell him.

And I spend the next few minutes trying to get in the right spot of our dimly lit kitchen to capture this goofy moment of the blowtorch marshmallow man…. all while laughing. 

Just as finished up the perfect marshmallow…… I finally got a decent picture….




He just might, quite possibly, be my new hero. I mean, a toasted marshmallow can add a little magic to any day, right?


15 thoughts on “Shmarmellow {marshmallow} Magic

  1. ha ha ha…so funny. my man desperately want a reason to buy an air compressor too. also, he makes killer creme brulee for me every year for Valentines (hey wait a sec…I didn’t get it this year…hmm) with a blow torch because proper kitchen torches are just fancy kitchen gadgets that aren’t…multipurpose. πŸ™‚


  2. LOL….I’m laughing so hard right now. Not that I think it’s a clever idea because I do but because we’ve done the same exact thing only up at the stuga when we can’t get a fire going. I cannot even show these photos to anyone in my family because we will just have a constant blow torch on my kitchen counter to make marshmallows whenever they felt like it. So funny.


  3. Creme Brulee…. I wonder if I could make one with coconut milk instead of cream. I'm thinking that could be delicious….. and another job for the blow-torch man. Hope you get that yummy treat soon…. you'll have to gently remind him how much you love creme brulee:)


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