should have been….

I should have been doing some work…. sweeping the floors…. tidying up the house… folding the monstrous pile of laundry….




But instead I looked outside at the sunshine and nearly 70 degree warmth and figured the laundry would wait for me…. the 3 pet household dust bunnies too…. so we headed to the water…. and played with friends…








It's taken me a long time to make these kinds of choices…. to leave the unimportant work and head out on a whim…. but I'm getting there. Slowly but surely…. choosing mud pies over housework…. sometimes I wonder why it's even such a hard choice after all?


26 thoughts on “should have been….

  1. Yeah isn’t it! I’ve never seen that low the whole time we’ve lived here…. looks like the tide went out…. except there isn’t one. You can walk out the trees where the Pelicans sit!


  2. Mud pies – Looks like good old fun! I miss mud pie fun, wish we had some warm weather coming!!!! Now that I’m working, my couch looks like yours. Good thing we have another one to sit on 🙂 Tee-hee… pumpkin not much into folding…. I did find where the boys’ clothes made it into thier drawers last week… sans the folding. Oh well, it works!


  3. that looks like Copper River Delta mud! My big kids still say, “remember when we…” like those days were yesterday. Good choice 🙂


  4. Oh my, sounds like Joey….. he'll was it…. but then it lives in the basket and all too often I don't know it's clean and through it right back in the washer. Tag team laundry is not our game!


  5. Oh my….. just wait until mid summer when I begin posting of cabin fever due to 90 degrees and 90% humidity…. then it will be your turn to flaunt joyous outdoor pictures my way. Surely there is some place without 8 months of too hot/cold to be out of doors? You know, like 4 equal seasons? If you find out where it is, let me know!


  6. I just ordered seeds & a little pot maker from etsy to make starter pots out of old newspapers. We've got quite a few things planned, I do hope it gets here soon so we can get the seeds started!


  7. “choosing mud pies over housework…. sometimes I wonder why it’s even such a hard choice after all”
    agreed! why is that? for me, a clean kitchen equals happiness…or at least calmness. But i have to say, mud pies trump the kitchen.
    What a wonderful day you had! Here’s to more. Dust bunnies can wait.


  8. We were enjoying some warm spring like weather too, but now we have snow. Yay for warm sunshine!! And for leaving the laundry, I bet it wait for you right where you left it.


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