A Valentine

{I've got a post pulled together with last week's fabulous Good Thing pictures….. but you'll have to come back this evening to see it. (I'll post it this afternoon) Right now however, I have a little something for that man of mine…. who tends to peek at my posts on his work computer. Shhhhh.}

You see, we met on Valentines day 14 years ago. Sort of a 14 on the 14th we've got going on today. And before you all say "awwwwwwwww……" too loudly, here's the funny twist. It was at a Christmas party. Are you totally confused? The ship he worked on at the time had some sort of emergency dry dock that got them stuck far away from home for repairs over the holidays and pushed the annual holiday party into February. I often joke that I should have known then what I might have been getting myself into. But I was just a girl…… and he was (is) this super hunky guy in a darn good looking uniform…. and as they say….

….the rest is history.


To my Joey….

Fourteen Years! How did that happen so quickly? I laugh out loud looking back at all we've been through. The ups and downs and unexpected twists. We somehow managed to take it all head on…. side by side… and usually, most often with a hearty laugh. There's no one else I'd rather sit and linger over a cup of coffee with. Oh my, how I love you. 





(ps : yes, those are the loooooove carrots. Before they became Luke's snack!)


7 thoughts on “A Valentine

  1. Ok so i really did “Awwww” over this. lol. Its not often you see a couple who has been together as long as you guys have and still love eachother as much as you do. Its great to see because its so rare these days. Youre a lucky girl steph!
    Happy Valentines Day to both of you 🙂


  2. *pouting* You left me out! Oh well, wouldn’t change the happily ever after story a bit. You were meant to be. So happy for you & Joey, and wish you an eternity more of happy years. Love you Guys!


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