random gardening bits….

And here is the great, the incredible, the EPIC potato harvest of winter 2010…….




Are you surprised? Laughing? I think we got a half cup of the tiniest potatoes, ever.  Mostly blue and one yukon gold which my littlest popped into his mouth and crunched a little before spitting it out and declaring that potatoes were far better warmed up. I agree. We dug through a huge pile of dirt to find these tiny things….. which resemble blueberries more than potatoes. Too much rain perhaps? I don't know….. but someday when we have that farm and more potatoes then we know what to do with I'll look back on this and laugh. For now a small *sigh* will suffice and we'll move onto the carrots.

Please meet, the love carrots.

And you have to say it like this………… "the loooooooooove carrots".

Come on, say it. It will bring a happy little smile to your face. I promise. And you know what? The said potato cruncher in the previous paragraph, well he ate the loooooove carrots too. When no one was looking he nibbled up one love carrot. He just couldn't help himself. And the next morning, upon discovering this, Sophia thought it was only right that the love carrots be in the same tummy. So she gave the second carrot to her little brother for breakfast.

Yes, we're silly, I know.




and here are the love carrot's friends……




Aren't they just gorgeous? Their fantastic colors totally make up for their tiny stature. Most were about 2 inches with a few bigger ones thrown in there. It seems that my children could not wait a second longer to uproot these lovelies after discovering the crimson tops peeking up out of the dirt. I so wish I had the camera in hand to capture my boy declaring "they taste good with the dirt on them" as he ate them right out of the garden. 




I couldn't agree with him more. 

And while we certainly aren't feeding the masses with a harvest like this, we are getting our hands dirty, learning a lot and relishing each bite of what we do manage to grow. That's really what it's all about anyway, right?

Which brings me to the next photo. Something I know a whole lot of us are doing right now….




Planning & dreaming for the next epic (or not) harvest.

My it feels good to have your hands in the earth, doesn't it?


21 thoughts on “random gardening bits….

  1. Those colors are fabulous!
    I would have never guessed potatoes of that size and color. They do look like berries.
    I’m hoping and planning as well.
    happy gardening!!


  2. Too funny!!! I’m trying to hold off on carrot harvest for them to grow a bit. It’s not working though…I think Raelee eats 5 a day from the garden and feeds another handful to the dogs. *sigh*
    If you want to split anything that you get…shipping and cost..whatever, give me a holler.


  3. OH wow!!! Both the carrots and potatoes are just beautiful!! I had to laugh, my broccoli plants each gave me one floret about 2 inches in diameter each . So I have 3 bites worth of broccoli from my garden. Aiyaiyai :). I can feel everyone’s anticipation of spring coming, yay!!


  4. Oh I'm glad to know it isn't just me. I think southern gardening is more of a challenge. And I have no idea what I'm doing either. But those carrots totally made my day… so pretty!


  5. I’m going through the seed catalogs right now too even though it’s snowing outside. I looooooooooove your carrots and potatos. You know what they say,”You’ll eat at least a pound of dirt before you die.” They do taste better with the dirt on them. I agree totally. enjoy your winter harvest!


  6. When I was little, the carrots in our garden never got any bigger than that because I ate them all when I was outside playing… dirt and all. They do taste the best right then! I agree that the colors in this post are amazing! Those blueberries, I mean potatoes, are gorgeous no matter how small their stature or number. I’m holding off until March for my garden dreaming. It gives me something to look forward to!


  7. Ha ha…. the little blueberries made their way into a wonderful pot roast. And then each time someone found a tiny little potato they declared "I've got one!" It was dinner & treasure hunting all in one 🙂


  8. Oh a little dirt is good for us I think…. all the minerals and good stuff in it that feeds our plants. And the thought of my boy rubbing the carrot off on his pants before popping it into his mouth is certainly a good one. Such a funny boy, he is!


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