Our week has been very full…..


Secret codes were cracked.




The shop was hopping. Outgoings & new sewing. I am very grateful my sewing spark has returned and I've had a lot of fun with some new items and reworking of some old… a huge update planned for the first of March to welcome spring!








We added two art classes to the all ready busy days we have here. And they were fantastic! Jade & I both are enjoying ourselves very much, and it was just the first of our six classes. I can't wait to share some of our projects with you all.

The eldest got two "snow" days….. though no snow flurries were seen here, we are getting very cold temps and freezing rain making the roads very dangerous. The schools here have hurricane days slated, which were used as "snow" days this year… I'll take the latter anytime. 

I made the best pancakes ever. Really! Multigrain mix adapted slightly from a favorite book of ours. Blueberries from Bayfield. Maple syrup from Duluth. They were so good. (feeling ever grateful for friends that travel & bring back food goodies) And since the man of the house did not get a snow day, he missed out on the epic pancakes. I think a Friday night dinner of pancakes and fruit is in order, don't you?




Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


14 thoughts on “Our week has been very full…..

  1. Those pancakes DO look like the best pancakes in the world! My mom made some blueberry pancakes at christmas I’ve wanted the recipe for, but do you mind sharing yours?
    Love the lunch bag and pants too! So creative.


  2. We love breakfast for dinner…it’s a Friday staple…pancakes, scrambled eggs and ham…whatever’s quick and allows us to cuddle up together with books or a movie as soon as possible! Have a great weekend.


  3. We recently got that cookbook, too. (It was actually a “Merry Christmas to me!” present.) Sounds like we really need to try this recipe! Have you ever made the chili with quinoa? SO GOOD!! One of our new favorites.
    I also wanted to tell you a big, big thank you for sharing your list of reads in your sidebar. It led us to discover the Stella & Sam series, which my daughter absolutely adores. Every day at our reading time, she has selected all four of the ones we got from the library. Can’t wait to get more! Thanks, again!


  4. You inspired me to try the chili, thank you! I have beans soaking as I type this. I am SO GLAD to hear you have enjoyed Stella & Sam. Aren't they just the sweetest books?? Reminds me so much of my youngest two kiddos. We just adore them & always are happy to share good books with others 🙂 Happy reading!


  5. I love all of these new items in your shop. The colors you’ve chosen are fantastic. Those pancakes are to die for. As in “I’m dying for some right now.” Hope you had a good weekend.


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