The Sweater

F I N A L L Y ! ! !

It took a week to get a combination of sunshine, charged camera battery and no afternoon plans to get a sweater photo shoot. Thank you to my sweet man for snapping every single one of these.













I have worn this sweater several, several times since I finished it up. Maybe even every day. It was very easy to knit and fits beautifully…. I totally adore it.

I have wide shoulders & I'm petite…. so I used the measurements from my favorite long sleeve t-shirt to slightly adjust the sleeves and overall length, plus long sleeves seemed much more practical, you know for when I'm feeding the chickens in the wee hours of the morning on that someday farm. (details in ravelry) This yarn is fantastic too! The yummiest retro shade of yellow….. *swoon*… I just love it!

I have my eye on this little sweater for the next cast on…… perfect for the upcoming trip to the north east don't you think? What? It's a whole four months away you say? Oh yes, I am counting down all ready…. plus my mama & I have made plans for a little road trip north after the workshop is over…. I am quite hopeful of a stop in here to see all the glorious shades of Quince & Co's yarn in person…. oh my.


22 thoughts on “The Sweater

  1. wonderful photos,well done to the Papa:0)
    How is the yarn for wearing against bare skin?I so want to order some but haven’t yet.
    beautiful sweater,well done1


  2. That colour is amazing! Retro indeed, and gorgeous for any time of year. I marvelled at so much in these photos…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pic of you, so it’s like I’ve finally met you! The fact that you’re outside in just jeans and a sweater and SHOES when we’re slogging through a foot of snow (and more on the way) made me almost cry in anticipation of spring! I haven’t made myself a sweater in years…must get at that one of these days…


  3. I love that sweater!! Very nicely done 🙂 Plus thats a great color on you.
    I love when there are pics of you. Makes me smile. I say to myself.. aww theres my friend! 🙂


  4. What a great sweater! And it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for – except that I have to pay for the pattern. *falls over*
    Great job on the sweater and the fun photographs – I adore the ones with a swinging kiddo. (:


  5. Thank you 🙂 He was the photo taker for years before I took over the camera 🙂 If you like wool, the yarn is good for against the skin. Maybe a tank under it if you have sensitive skin. It isn't soft, but it isn't scratchy/itchy. Sort of has a mildly rough felted feeling to it. Does that help at all? lol!!


  6. Yes, a little sunshine for the winter months. Not nearly as dreary here in the south, but my brain still wants yellow once November hits 🙂 This sweater is a fab pattern if your up for a quick knit…. and the quince yarn is affordable…. so it's not like "oh I love this pattern but it would cost me $200 to make it from this yarn, gah!" Who can afford to knit swaeters from $30 dollar skeins I ask you? PS – I'm glad we finally "met"   🙂


  7. Oh I know….. the buying of the pattern…. but it is SO well written and easy to follow and seamless!! Totally worth it! Thanks for the pic comments…. we had dozens of the swinging boy… it was so hard to chose just a few to share….. I can hear his laugh when I look at these photos 🙂


  8. Um, WOW, that turned out so perfect!!! The color, the shape, really!!! How is your daughter doing with hers? I am feeling very intimidated but I have the pattern. Regardless, I love it, I think even better than the actual picture on the pattern. You made the sleeves longer, yes? I prefer…


  9. The sweater looks great. I just love Quince & Co yarn. I’ve knitted several things with their yarn. I tried the oatmeal sweater but it just didn’t look right on me so it was handed off to my little tiny daughter. It looks great on her and so wonderful on you. You look so comfortable in it.


  10. Thank you. thank you ….. yes the sleeves are longer 🙂 And my poor girl has started & frogged hers a few times now… the first part is a little tricky, but I just kep telling her she can do it 🙂


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