Mindful Monday


I thought maybe on the Mondays that I don’t have a recipe to share I would pop in quick to share a quote or a thought along with a photo. Sort of a mindful moment…. a good start to the week, I think. Food for the soul.

Our weekend was busy…. Joe & I celebrated our 13th anniversary with getting a pile of house & paperwork to-do’s done. From the girl who celebrated a water heater for Christmas (& quite honestly so) I can also earnestly share this with you…..

The master bathroom door latches, and I love it. This means I can finally lock the door. I hid in there for hours on Saturday in a hot bubbly bath with this dreamy book. It’s the little things in life, you know?

And while my mind was waist deep in farm dreaming this weekend, it somehow wandered back to this simple quote that brings balance always to my soul, bringing it right back to where it needs to be.


I know, I mentioned it once before, but really…. it’s a favorite worth sharing again

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  ~Theodore Roosevelt




Have you ever noticed how kids do this so naturally….. beautiful isn’t it?


Happy Monday my Friends


20 thoughts on “Mindful Monday

  1. happy anniversary! it was our 13th this past summer.
    how are you enjoying the book? i’m sure we’ll talk about it on friday – andrea + jamie have read it as well!


  2. The book is FABULOUS!! I love it…. I was so stoked to find it Friday after co-op & I am all ready over half way through it. I can’t believe you all have been married that long too 🙂 Awesome!


  3. Happy Anniversary! Can’t belive I was a maid of honor 13 years ago. Still honored to be your friend, and only wish wonderful things for you, like that someday farm. Love you!!


  4. Happy Anniversary 🙂 and that’s such a great quote, so centering. I’m farm dreaming, too, helped by these books:
    -Living at Nature’s Pace by Gene Logsdon
    -The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery
    -MaryJane’s Ideabook | Cookbook | Lifebook: For the Farmgirl in All of Us by MaryJane Butters


  5. Happy Anniversary! (A bit late!) Sometimes those little things, while not the most romantic, are the best ones to get done together. Thank you for the reminder of those very important words!


  6. Happy anniversary! Just popping in to say hi. I really missed you while I was away. Love all that is happening over here. It’s my greatest intention to get my 365 days project all updated this week. Can you believe I’ve been keeping a list in my journal but not putting on my blog or flickr? Hope all is well.


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