A hat

I know, I know…. I need to get that sweater finished.

But you know by now I get distracted rather easily…..

I walked into the Yarn Nook to buy a friend a set of dpn's and found the most luxurious skein of yarn. Thick & thin style bulky weight and so, so soft & squishy. And orange! I didn't need yarn. I mean, I really didn't need yarn. But somehow not one, but two little skeins hopped in with the needles. Finally finding a yarn shop could prove to be very dangerous!

So I had been eyeing Quince & Co's Kelpie hat and noticed someone on ravelry compared it to Elizabeth Zimmermann's Maltese Fisherman's hat. I have the latter pattern, so I modified it just a wee bit to look more like the Kelpie hat and voila! I love it. {full details on ravelry}

So, while my big girl was at piano my littlest guy & I went for a photo shoot at the lake…..












I wonder how kids feel about being chased around with a camera…. mine certainly think it's a bit of a game and give me run for my money so to speak…. I've been taking a self portrait a day for a flickr group and decided one with my boy would be fun…. he insisted I wear the hat and he take the photo….




Fortunately he let me have a turn too…..




Yes, I am most certainly trying to inhale him.

And the sweater? It's the sleeves I tell you, they're  k–i–l–l–i–n–g  me! I plan to finish it over the weekend…. I hope. I have one sleeve complete. That leaves one sleeve left. I can do it, I can do it! 

Unless, of course I have the need to knit my boy his requested "ear hat like mama's"……


12 thoughts on “A hat

  1. Better hurry and finish that sweater..you only have like 2 weeks left of sweater weather!! ROFL
    LOVE the hat and am glad that I was able to enable you by sending you for needles..rofl
    I need a new knitting project..hmmmmm.


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