coming up for air….

oh it's late….

and it's been a long week.





Poor Joe has been sleeping on the couch and I have been keeping a coughing little boy propped up, humidified and cough syruped every four hours (Boiron, I love you).

Has anyone else ever noticed that sick children only sleep sideways?

and now the girls have it too…… oi….

'tis the season….

so, I'll pop in for a bit on Sunday to share some goodness….. and hopefully to ramble on about life as I usually do early next week. 

Cheers! (said while slurping a spoon full of elderberry syrup)

21 thoughts on “coming up for air….

  1. Ugh..I’m sorry. šŸ˜¦ It sounds like I’ve infected your whole house. We have been doing the same thing over sleeping on the couch while the other cuddles the sick one. Hope you all are well soon.


  2. So glad mine are not the only sideways upsidedown restless sleepers…… I always forget how small a queen sized bed can be with a four year old doing acrobatics in their sleep!


  3. Oh Steph, I don't think it was you….. Someone has been sick here since mid December… it's never ending! Plus with a public highschool student I think we've at least tripled our germ intake around here. I think all of MC has got it!


  4. Raelee is actually feeling pretty well today, thankfully, since we have bake sale thing tomorrow and then dinner tomorrow night. Hope yours are feeling better soon too!


  5. We have been in a similar boat this week. First, my little girl was sick, then me, then my husband. Then my little girl ate some toothpaste which was the worst part of the week. I hope it is done. You are not alone with taking care of sick ones. I hope your week ends with healthy loved ones and a relaxing weekend.


  6. OH MY! I remember eating toothpaste as a young, young child. Maybe 5 or 6? It seemed like such a good idea…. oi! I think we're starting to be on the mend here…. thank you so much for the well wishes (and sending them your way too!)


  7. Oh gosh, hope your household feels better soon! We’re in the final stages of recovery, and my sideways sleepin’ Bebe has finally taken to his own bed again. Wishing you wellness šŸ™‚


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