Gifting + Thrifting

One of my most favorite things about the holidays are the thrifted gifts.

With the new record player in the house my mom and the sibling trio in house were all over the moon excited to add to Jade’s record collection. They searched high and low for the Beatles…. with no luck but the pile of goodness they found sure did bring a smile to my nostalgic girls face 🙂 Yes, of course you can purchase records for a pretty penny in many a shop…. but the thrifting is what adds to the habit in a way that only us treasure hunters can know. And some day when that Beatles vinyl falls into the lap of one of our family members they will squeal with delight and think of our sweet girl right away. (come on thrifting fairy, we’re begging, just one?)

So each year my girls do most of their holiday shopping at our local junk shops. They know their mama’s love of funky old stuff and they share our “reuse it” values…. so that is their request. Every year. A day of junking with Daddy. He also buys them hot cocoa & chai tea. Which probably adds to the appeal of the annual trip!

Those girls head out with their mama in mind and come up with the sweetest of things. Sometimes their sweet quirky gestures bring a smile to my face and sometimes I am totally amazed at their ability to listen and remember the littlest of things I might mention.

My little girl remembered a comment at Thanksgiving that I made…. “someday I’ll find a gravy boat for special dinners like this” I had said. After asking Joe exactly what a gravy boat was…. and after searching high and low for a gravy boat…. she found one and reminded him that I wanted it. I was totally impressed by her thoughtfulness on this one….. yes, tears and all. Over a gravy boat, I know, I know!




In the same shop she fell in love with this little kitschy seashell owl that she found, so much in fact that she talked Joe into having him give me the gravy boat so she could give me the owl. I do adore owls, which she knows….. and this owl now proudly sits on my fabric stash shelf… which my girl thinks is the most honorable spot for anything of mama’s to live.




My big girl was also on the search, this year for vintage silver serving ware. She & I have been collecting silver flatware over the past year and those serving pieces are difficult to find. She was so excited to find these tongs… that we’ve used for salads most every night since Christmas. And also, she spied a beautiful blue china plate to hang on the kitchen wall. I’d been talking about hanging up a few blue vintage plates to decorate our yellow kitchen walls and again, I am so taken aback by these sweet girls… wow 🙂






Another sweet thing was this little wagon that Sophia found for Luke. Which he has stuffed full of his little figures each and every day and taken them on their wee people adventures. Total sweetness 🙂




And for all of you that have been wondering what the fragile kitchen thing was from this post, it was a french press for making a pot of tea in! We really enjoy our tea around here and the new french press enables us to use the less expensive loose leaf tea and make a whole pot of tea to share… or two…. or three…. fun times 🙂 And the pots of cinnamon tea and watoosi (I have no idea how to spell that) playing with the big kids these past weeks have certainly been worth tossing into the basket of good memories.

Thanks for joining us on (mostly) handmade week of holiday goodies!

Hope to see all on Sunday when we share a few favorites from the Year of Good Things Flickr group. Feel free to join in with us!


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2 thoughts on “Gifting + Thrifting

  1. For a shell owl, yours is suprisingly charming! Very very wise indeed. I inherited my grandma’s tongs, and just last night my kids were fighting over who got to serve the salad (then chase each other around trying to pinch…fine dining indeed) and I made a mental note to watch for more next time I’m out and about! All very sweet, thoughtful gifts from your loved ones!


  2. Oh the owl….. it does make me giggle every time I see it 🙂 Love the tong story. My little guy used them last night to eat the salad out of the salad bowl. "Is everyone done?" he asked. And when we said yes he asked to use the tongs to eat out of the bowl. I suppose manners are secondary to nutrition around here. Oh well 🙂


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