A Week of Handmade : The last bits & pieces….

Well, it's 10:15.

I meant to get here a little earlier, but it was just one of those days…. a busy kid filled crazy sort of day… as I type this my big girl is sitting next to me knitting the beginning rounds of her Oatmeal Sweater… oh my knitting friends, please wish her luck! This post is going to be brief because we're planning to watch Babies in a bit…. late night knitting & movies!

So here are the last bits of the handmade goodness. Sort of a mish mash of things. And before you think that my older children got coal for the holidays….. I will come clean. I didn't hand make much for them. I could probably conjure up a real good excuse as to why…. but I'll just be honest. We live pretty simple around these parts. (ha, I think I should have a cowboy hat on after that last sentence! sorry.) So while we do still buy new things in line with our values…. we did buy new for the big kiddos. Jade's main gift was a fabulous screen printing kit and Sam received some coveted camping gear and a great t-shirt that Santa found on etsy…. that Santa is sure clever 🙂 He only fills stockings at our house… but there sure are some thoughtful things tucked inside them. Books & treats and other little things. Of course some thrifted gifts made their way here too…. but that's a story for tomorrow. 

So on to the last little bits of handmade.

Firstly, after the water heater incident, Joe & I were pretty darn creative this year. We chose to do handmade only…… well except for the usual dark chocolate stash he fills my stocking with. I love that man. I knit him some sweet fingerless gloves (details on ravelry) from the awesome Jo Sharp yarn that I used for the vest this summer…. same yarn, different color. They turned out really great…. which is good because I was totally nervous about that whole thumb thing.







What is it about handknits & men anyway? I love it!


There was some more wrist adornment too…. though far simpler and less time consuming than the above lovelies. I have seen these sweet wool cuffs on etsy and thought my girls would love them…. they have worn them every day since Christmas… and they are all ready frayed and broken in. I suppose you know me and my vintage button obsession by now… so of course these both have buttons from Grandma Pearl's collection:








Some much adored Katie Jumprope (by Denyse) for my big girl and sweet hedgehogs for my little girl.




Another handmade gift for the man of the house….. some fuel for his lunch time run…. inspired by the name we chose for the new furry family member (whom my lovely daughter has just invited to sleep at the foot of my bed. ahem. oh yes, and the recipe will follow on Monday along with the new pooch's tale)



And the sweetest saved for last, a french rolling pin handmade by my sweet man. The one thing I have been mentioning again, and again, and again that I wanted. I will try to recall this lovely gift when I grumble that he is not listening…. remind me of this please. My old pin is in the good will bag to go, because this new one rocks. The french know baking I tell you! And this helped me whip out a batch of tortillas in no time. Perfect for apple pizzas. Awesome 🙂

Well, I am noticing this post is anything but brief! So I should go…. goodnight friends!


16 thoughts on “A Week of Handmade : The last bits & pieces….

  1. What a wonderfully full post. Where do I begin?: Love the fingerless gloves and that yarn is so cozy, and I know what you mean about men and knits!! Good luck to big girl on that sweater! I have been wanting to make it since you posted on yours!! Let us know how she does :)!! The cuffs–awesome!! And the French rolling pin–I covet I covet!! Another item for etsy?
    Oh and I am making the biscotti today!! Thank you again for that!!
    Happy weekend to you and your family!!


  2. Gorgeous gorgeous goodies! The rolling pin made me smile, because Mike has made those before. Not a lightweight gift in terms of cost and loveliness of wood, I tell you.
    Good luck on the mamma/daughter knitting party. How sweet!


  3. I hope you make that sweater…. I am on my last sleeve…. I really just need to sit down and finish it all ready! But I do despise double pointed needles. So tedious. I hadn't thought of selling the french rolling pins on etsy…. that is a fabulous idea to think about 🙂 I love it…. it is so easy to use and just beautiful to look at as well. Enjoy your biscotti & have a fabulous weekend!


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