A Week of Handmade : Itsy, bitsy sewing

For my girl…. my 8 year old girl…. I sewed up a pile of clothes for her two favorite doll friends. Mostly of vintage fabrics that I had in my stash…. little bits and pieces of lovely fabric that were just too small for most anything else. I had no patterns, which made it a little, uhm…. interesting at times.

The first outfit included a recycled wool sweater and I really don’t like it, the sweater that is. I almost didn’t share it here with you… but then I thought to myself…. maybe it’s good to share the ugly things once in awhile so you know that I also have those grumbly crafting moments. I may have even tossed this sweater on the floor when I was done with it. Just maybe. And then perhaps my husband, who came in with chocolate to see how things were going, reminded me that a stuffed doll and an 8 year old girl are probably not incredibly concerned with a perfectly sized sweater. Turns out my girl likes that one the best due to the fact that it was made from an old favorite sweater of hers. Who knew?



the sweater



fortunately, things got better after that



sweet well loved babies



my favorite



my girl has requested matching linen pants to these



hat & sweater handknits for Lucy


See you tomorrow for some more handmade goodness!

{The beautiful knitted sweater came from a pattern by The Sitting Tree on etsy, the size small fits these dolls perfectly and it is very well written & easy to follow! We’re trying this one next.}


22 thoughts on “A Week of Handmade : Itsy, bitsy sewing

  1. Gorgeous! I haven’t tried doll clothes yet, mostly because my oldest refuses to touch a doll and I haven’t managed to make a pattern for stuffed octopus or shark clothing! Ooh, those would be wonderful big girl pants. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I THINK every last one of the pieces is to die for!
    OMG (I don’t *OMG* very often 🙂 ) I freaking love the little cardigan sweater pixie hat duo!


  3. wow – i am partial to the unicorns too! and i’d definitely choose the handknit over the blue sweater – though it does NOT look ugly in any way, really! in fact, i’ve made far uglier! ; )


  4. I just love these. Every time I see a waldorf outfit for the doll I envision myself wearing the same thing. That last sweater I would love in my size and the yarn you used is so wonderful. You are quite the toymaker these days. You are so very talented and I just love everything you’re doing.


  5. Oh wow, little sewing is very different than big sewing… lots of hard to reach places! I'll take sewing big girl pants any day! {ps – good luck on finding shark & octopus patterns, that sounds like an awful lot of fun!}


  6. Wouldn't that make a lovely summer dress? It came out as one of my favorites… especially with the old green button in it. I loved the sweater pattern! It was so well written & fit perfectly 🙂


  7. Oh yes, everything is super cute! I agree, I have been sewing people clothing for almost 18 years but doll clothing.. I wish I loved it, I feel bad for not making more clothing for my girls dolls, after all, I make all the dolls, how can that be easier??
    Well still, your little outfits are inspiring, and I have been contemplating having doll cloths be part of birthday gifts this year, thanks for some extra motivation!


  8. I'd love to see you creations! I think the knitted sweater & elastic waist skirt is the easiest combo in the long run….. oh yes and the wrap style dress too…. I should really draft up some patterns for these! I sure learned a lot through error in the process 🙂


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