A Week of Handmade : The Wood Stuff

Oh my, Joe & I were busy this year. We opted for new slippers and books for Solstice…. so I has off the hook for sewing jammies. There was some other sewing… wee little sewing…. that I will share tomorrow. (no, not baby sewing, even smaller!)

But first, the wood. This was a shared project for Joe & I (it was his idea). I searched for figures on the web and was inspired by many a wooden toy artist to come up with these shapes. I hand drew their little silhouettes onto the wood and Joe operated the tools to cut & sand each piece. We both painted them with milk paint and sealed them up with a wood polish that has been ever present in the Gypsy house since finding the recipe last winter. (thank you Tonya)

The results were far better than Joe & expected. The milk paint is truly lovely to work with… you can thin it to be more like stain or make a thick paint for opaque coverage. And the colors are so beautiful and natural looking, exactly what we were after. We bought a sample pack of the colors and a little goes a long-long way, so we are looking forward to more wood painting projects to come! We used a small burning tool to add details before we painted and also to write names on the stars (which have no paint, just polish). Each of our kids main gift from us had a star on it as a gift tag of sorts… and a few made their way to some loved ones far away.

These new little wooden friends were worked on in the wee evenings when the littlest members of the house had gone to bed… there was many a midnight hour of sanding and painting and polishing going on. We really felt like elves. Each piece was wrapped in tissue and placed in a box, we split the group into two and gifted each of our youngest with their own box of figures. Sophia was especially amazed at our craftiness…. “wow, you made these?” she said to us. I think her daddy’s heart melted at that exact moment.

And now, on to the photos of our humble little wooden creations….



the stars



the tomten gets a friend



woodland fairy sisters



woodland fairy sisters



the mushrooms



gnomes & their howling wolf friend





See you tomorrow for more sharing of the holiday handmades!


32 thoughts on “A Week of Handmade : The Wood Stuff

  1. oh cool! I didn’t know if my comment would really work 🙂 I’m going to show Brian the stars for shop class. He is very into wood working. My kids would have loved these when they were little–they loved small figures! Fun!


  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Can I come and play at your house?
    I’m hoping to eventually buy some wood and cut shapes at my step-grandfather’s house. I’m totally daunted by the fact that I have no woodworking skills whatsoever. I’m especially daunted by all the lovely creations I’ve seen – how can I possibly hope to compare?
    Will you be adding anything similar to your etsy shop?


  3. Of course you can play! Our little people are so basic… I am sure you can create something just as lovely! And I would love to see them when you do. We do hope to add something like these to the etsy shop, though a few of these were greatly inspired by others… so we need to make sure our own are one of a kind 🙂


  4. OK these are fantastic. You both did a great job. Do you think you might make some for the shop? Like you, I love milk paint. I’ve been wanting to give these wooden toys a try but I have zero tools and little time. So glad you family loved these. They should they’re so wonderful. Oh and those biscotti are wonderful too. I made a batch and am now looking at the crumbs. 🙂 Have a great day.


  5. Thank you. They turned out far better than we expected for our first try… and the milk paint is the best! So glad you loved the biscotti… it is a favorite here… definitely making more soon!


  6. Those are lovely! My husband has been itching to make some things for the girls. Maybe if I forward this he’ll get a jump start on the next round of gifting! 😉


  7. ooo, i’d love to know more about how you made these! what type of wood did you use? and tools? i always assume my husband can make anything – but he needs a little persuading…. hmmm. a woodburner would be fun!!!


  8. 🙂 the wood is poplar…. far cheaper than maple & it stains nicely too. Joe borrowed a scroll saw from a friend for the cutting. I think it is now on our wish list of tools now 🙂 We sanded the edges with a dremmel tool & painted them with milk paint & then finished them with homemade wood polish. They were really fun to make!


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