~making merry~consumable gifts~

my boys

The decorating is done and we've spent the week making plenty of treats. The last bit of making merry around the Gypsy house is "use 'em up" giftables! By far a favorite gift to give and receive. I've been reading so many wonderful ideas for handmade edible & skin care gifts on blogs and thought it would be fabulous to share my favorites with all of you. As usual, do please leave a link of your own favorites!



Nicola of Which Name? shares her amazing Toffee

(I've all ready made TWO batches, one with a teaspoon of my vanilla bourbon in it, wow!)


Orangette shares the best Peppermint Bark Recipe

(I found this thanks to Nicola, above and have made two batches of this also!)


A new granola recipe to try, via Soulemama's blog

(I packaged up our granola in jars to give, but we're trying the above recipe next!)


Beer Bread in a jar, recipe by Pomegranate Girl

(we're thinking this, along with a bottle of Joe's homebrew would be awesome!)


And some wonderful gifts for pampering winter time skin……


Oat floats by Maya Made

(I am thinking these with a smidge of lavender would be wonderful!)


Valarie of A Place like this shares her Sauna Scrub

(a perfect giftable for my midwestern sauna loving pals)


Bath Salts & Scrubs by Shannon of Free Spirit Knits

(we're making both of these!)


Winter Tea on Rhythm of Home, recipe by Jennifer Tan

(drinkable warmth, pure perfection!)


I've really enjoyed reading about potlucks and ways to celebrate the many festivals in the upcoming days over at Rhythm of Home. I hope you all find the time to gather with friends & loved ones and celebrate some magic.

Eat, drink & Make Merry.



6 thoughts on “~making merry~consumable gifts~

  1. Wow! This is terrific! Once again, you have given me more lovely ideas to try!! I am actually making the bark today, but now the toffee has given me something else to “chew on”-hee hee, sorry couldn’t help myself there…


  2. I hope you find some good stuff in the links 🙂 And thanks…. I love that photo too…. every time I capture these two (my oldest & youngest) I am reminded of how fast they grow!


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