knitting in the works and such….

Oh the knitting…… it's in a bag and at my side where ever I travel these days. Knit… knit…. knit….

Remember the scarf? Oh I started that lovely piece a  y-e-a-r  ago. It was one of those mindful knittings…. the kind you actually have to pay attention to. So it got worked on in bits and pieces…. one painstakingly inch at a time. Lace patterns are certainly a challenge to a mama's overworked brain.

It seriously got to the point that Joe started referring to it as my retirement scarf (!!) Which in my most grown up of ways, I would reply by sticking my tongue out at him, and then return to my knitting. Please tell me some other married couples out there behave like this? We're ridiculous, I know.

So, here it is…. the retirement scarf… a drawn out year in the making! Uff-da.






And also in the mad works…. is this sweater. For me! Completely inspired by Soulemama's Oatmeal sweater.… perhaps even the same shade of yellow, oh my, I hope Amanda doesn't mind 🙂 The pattern can be found here. This is a very well written, easy to follow and quickly knitted pattern.






I love the Quince Puffin yarn…. so nice to the touch and such fast knitting…. well, at least until you start working on sleeves and then it seems to slow down… or perhaps it's the fact that I am an absent minded knitter and get distracted by other things. You know, like mittens.




I've come to realize I don't particularly care for knitting projects in which you must knit two of the same thing. I have a feeling socks are not in my future. Please wish me luck in making these poor things a match, oh yes and also on the thumb holes. They scare me. 

Here's to a weekend of finishing up holiday projects. May good coffee and yummy treats keep you going!

(I'll see you Saturday for a bit of Merry Making!)


18 thoughts on “knitting in the works and such….

  1. The retirement scarf is beautiful!! As is the adorable sweater–I would love to feel what that yarn feels like :). I know what you mean about making a pair of something. I am on the first of a pair of crocheting fingerless mittens and am already wishing it was the last!! I think only because I am impatient to move on to the next project–so much to make and so little time!! Thanks for sharing your lovely projects (and patterns), I love to see them!


  2. Your scarf is *lovely!*
    My husband and I are very much the same. Completely mature all the time. Uh huh. Right. (:
    I started my first “two of something” knitting project last night. I’m hoping it won’t be too tedious since they’re just tiny arm warmers for the baby.


  3. Love the scarf. I remember seeing that sweater forever ago on soulmama. It looks so great. I want one! I’m in love with that yellow, one of my favorite colors. Then again, we’re in Texas! Not sure if I need to make a sweater yet. Make sure you show us the finished one!


  4. oh, i have yet to truly tackle lace! (save a pair of socks knit before children) it may be something i will save for retirement! i love what you’re knitting and i share the obsession! my fingers are magnetically drawn to yarn and needles these days, i swear!


  5. I hope to get the sweater finished before the big "31"….. it is such a cute pattern. LOVE it! I love the scarf too…. and I am so glad it is knit with foofoo expensive yarn…. nothing like a cashmere silk blend right against your neck 🙂


  6. I totally will share when it is done. Hopefully very soon! I love the yellow too…. such a fabulous color. The winter in Louisiana is just cool enough for a sweater…. Either I am totally getting acclimated or this winter is colder than last year. (I am pretty sure I am acclimated, lol)


  7. Oh the lace….. it is certainly a love hate relationship…. I *may* have whispered an awful lot of bad words while knitting it up…. but persevered none the less! I do love the results! Something about winter and yarn…. all I want to do is knit 🙂


  8. Mike and I are equally mature, don’t worry.
    And dang girl, I need some of whatever you are eating and drinking. You do NOT look like a woman with a high schooler! Those knits are gorgeous. Maybe Santa will bring me the patience for knitting for Christmas!


  9. The retirement scarf is lovely – nice pattern and gorgeous, gorgeous colors. I also love the glimpse of yarn & fabric stash that’s in the background of that picture 🙂


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