~making merry~holiday tunes~

I love Christmas music.

We have a small collection of favorites that constantly play during this season. I usually can't bare to break them out until after Thanksgiving. However, this year a friend mentioned that Christmas music was really helping her handmade crafting groove, and she was right! It certainly isn't a white holiday out of doors, but with these tunes playing, the making of holiday gifts is even more enjoyable. (still knitting here!)

This is a list of our favorites. The links take you right to the albums on Amazon so you can listen to a snippet of the songs. I love the ability to download the songs right onto my computer (and ipod) for listening, no more packaging to throw away! Please leave a comment with your own favorites below. 


This Warm December : A Brushfire Holiday

The Hotel Cafe Presents : Winter Songs

A Very Special Acoustic Christmas

All The Very Best for Christmas

Songs for Christmas : Sufjan Stevens

Yule : Instrumental Tunes

White Christmas : Bing Crosby


Turn the music up and get your holiday groove on!



photo by Jade


14 thoughts on “~making merry~holiday tunes~

  1. What a fun, sweet picture!! I love your music corner!!
    Though we listen to Pandora quite a bit as well, we have on our iPod:
    “Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite”
    “Now That’s What I call Christmas #4”
    “Elf” Soundtrack and my personal fave “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanel :).
    I have to agree with you, music adds so much magic to the season!!!


  2. Have to agree with MJ that Baby it’s Cold Outside, especially Zooey style is a favorite!
    Our favorite albums around here this time of year:
    ‘Christmas with the Rat Pack’
    ‘Harry for the Holidays’ (Harry Connick Jr)
    ‘Disney’s Christmas Collection’ (Nothing like Mickey singing to cheer up the atmosphere of the house:)
    ‘The Forgotten Carols’ (Micheal McLean)
    And another favorite is an all instrumental, a copy of a CD, with no label. Sad to not know the album, or where the CD even came from!


  3. LOVE Diana Krall holiday on Pandora! Thank you! It got me through a pile of doll clothes making for my girl…. I have a whole new respect for people who make doll clothes. Such tiny sewing!


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