~making merry~deck the halls~

For the next few Saturday's leading up to Christmas I will be sharing some holiday cheer here. This week's theme is decorating! 

In our home we've strung up lights and we're literally wading through piles of kid made paper snowflakes. Two easy (and favorite) decorations here in the gypsy house are clove studded citrus which can be displayed as is or tied with ribbon for hanging and paper snowflakes hung from the ceiling with thread. It's especially lovely if you hang them at different levels.

We are also especially fond of making decor from recycled materials. The endless sea of catalogs right now that arrive in my mailbox (ugh!) can at least be turned into colorful glossy paper ornaments. 

Here is a list of tutorials and ideas I've found around the online community. If you have any fun decorating ideas to share, please leave a link in the comments below.



Valarie from A Place Like This :: Make Magic

{a fabulous week of gnomes & merry making!}


Gardenmama :: Window Star Tutorial

(a lovely folded paper ornament to put in the window}


Inkspired :: Paper Ornament

(a simple globe style ornament)


How About Orange :: 25 Paper Ornaments

(this was our favorite resource last year!)


Nicola of Whichname :: A Holiday countdown

(simply adorable!)


Ravelry has a fabulous selection of free knittables that could adorn your trees or gifts. I found little birds, globe, mittens, mistletoe and the sweetest little family of mice. Oh my!


Happy Weekending!


8 thoughts on “~making merry~deck the halls~

  1. My favorites are the paper snowflakes hung from your ceiling–so simple yet so beautiful. Same with the Waldorf window stars! Can’t wait to make them :). Thank you!


  2. Thank you 🙂 That snowflake picture is a favorite of mine. It was taken on Christmas Eve just after Santa visited our house. Oh how I loved that old farmhouse in Wisconsin.


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