Thankful Recap

If you ask my youngest girl, the best part of the day may have possibly been this…..



(photo by Jade)


Remember when you were 8 and marshmallows could totally make your whole day? Sweet bliss.




This year was the first ever that we have had a Thanksgiving with just the six of us. It was quiet and full all at the same time. As we sat around the table enjoying all the wonderful food and talking and eating and laughing…. both Joe & I looked into the eyes of our kids thought about how very full our life is. How thankful we are to have a home, food and such a beautiful family. Heartwarming (and hilarious) toasts made with glasses of wine & sparkling cider. . to be gathered, laughing around such a bountiful table. 




A day to be thankful.

For those that celebrate, I hope you are still smiling at the magic of your own day.


16 thoughts on “Thankful Recap

  1. What a beautiful table! I love the table cloth…and all the smiling faces, and especially the kiddo who looks like he’s wearing a tie! That is awesome.


  2. Isn’t the tie funny? He loves them. My mom finds really old funky ones at the thrift store every now and then and mails them to him. He leaves the house like that regularly! Sure makes people take a double glance our way! The table cloth came from Singapore…. a friends mom brought it home from a trip… I love it too 🙂


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