Whatcha Cookin’?


Stuffing prep work, always Daddy's job, November 2008 in WI. Look at my baby!


The shopping is done and the menu is planned…….

Prep work for the feast will begin tomorrow at our house…. starting with pies and then on to diced veggies and such. The whole family gets in on the action of preparing food. Good music and good conversation makes the prep work pass by rather quickly. Our menu is pretty traditional.


Turkey & Gravy

Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Braised Brussels Sprouts



Cranberry Sauce

Pumpkin Pie

Chocolate Torte


We've gone sans dairy here so I am using coconut milk in my pumpkin pie and coconut oil in place of butter for the crusts. We'll see how this works out. For an appetizer we're trying White Bean Bruschetta from Clean Food. oops, the recipe is in Simply Organic. If you are roasting up a turkey, be sure to make a stock from the bones. Nourishing broths like this can be frozen in smaller portions for soups and are well worth the time to make! Delicious!

Around the web there is an awful lot of good food inspiration right now. Here are a few that caught my eye, some things for the big day and some others to transform turkey for the three days of leftovers you have.


Yogurt Garlic Dip (this website has wonderful recipes!)     

Sweet Potato Pie from Affairs of Living (an awesome website!)

Sweet Potato Garlic Spread

GF Cinnamon Rolls

Holly's Pilgrim Stuffing (a favorite of ours)

Thanksgiving Soup

Turkey Gumbo


Feel free to share some links to recipes below! Happy Cooking!


6 thoughts on “Whatcha Cookin’?

  1. The shopping is done over here too except we forgot the potatoes. We start our cooking today with stuffed grape leaves and spinach pies and work our way towards Thursday. I love this holiday. Hope you have a good one. Your menu looks so good.


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