The goats

So, I have this mild {ahem} obsession with goats as of late. (as I type this my husband is shaking his head at the word mild)

They are part of my grand plan for a dreamy homestead someday. Surely including chickens and perhaps a few pigs…. ducks if we've got a pond.

But the goats? Oh probably a little herd of 2-3 that will help us control the weeds and produce some sweet milk for us. I have SO been enjoying Living with Goats by Margaret Hathaway. We've got some cow milk allergies in our family, so we're hoping we can tolerate raw goat's milk in the future. I keep hearing that fresh goat's milk is far superior in taste to what is commercially available. Goats are far smaller and seem to be easier to care for than dairy cows….. and their spunk? Their disposition? I just love it!



The kids….. so little.



the Brookshire Farm goats…



 I love their curious nature…..


and they are sweet too…


While visiting Brookshire Farm I was quite thrilled to meet Cat, the farm's goat specialist. She was so kind to answer a zillion of my questions and talk about all the aspects of raising goats while introducing me to her herd in the pictures above. At Brookshire the goats help control weeds and are sold for meat. I seriously could have spent all afternoon chatting about these sweet spunky animals. 

Do any of you have a dream animal that you're hoping for on your {current or someday} homestead? I really love the opportunities to learn about the animals in person, and of course my library bag is always full of farm animal books. I'd love to know what homesteading obsession is going on in your lives!

Happy dreaming….


8 thoughts on “The goats

  1. Goats are by far (next to horses) the smartest, most loveable, and funniest farm animal .. EVER. They are however the naughtiest. They eat everything, and get into the damnedest places! Sort of like a constant 2 year old 🙂 You’ll love them.


  2. Well you know what we are We want Pygmy Goats, chickens, Raelee wants a horse and I could see myself getting a pig and a slew of barn Someday…*sigh*


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