Of cows and beef

While a number of evenings around here find our dinner plates heaping full of vegetarian fare, both for frugality and health reasons, I can tell you that everyone in this house dreams of my pot roast with mashed potatoes or beef and barley soup and we should certainly not forget Joe's amazing smoked ribs. We love beef. 

But we also love cows.





Sam getting to know Mooney 


Funny to separate the two "beef and cow" but all to often they are not considered as one in the same. The quality and health of the cow that made its way to your plate is something commonly overlooked. {Food Inc is an amazing documentary that really makes you think about the production and quality of the food you eat.}

Choosing to eat local, fresh, grass-fed beef is very important to our family. After moving to Louisiana last year we quickly began to locate sources for local quality foods. {see the sidebar for links} Last weekend we visited Brookshire Farm to pick up our quarter beef share, which we split with another family. The beef is harvested in the spring and fall, and this is the only beef our family eats.

Brookshire raises their cattle on grass only, a healthy and low impact way to raise cows. They take great pride in their resulting artisan quality beef, the quality truly is superb. Upon arriving at the farm they are happy to share the renovations of their beautiful 100+ year old farm house, serve you a delicious slice of persimmon cake and talk about farm life while the kids chase the chickens. We were able to meet the cows and goats that live on the farm. (more about the goats tomorrow) While the kids fed the gentle mama cows pressed alfalfa cubes, we learned more about what it takes to sustainably raise these animals in southern Louisiana. One of the things that struck me as being especially exceptional about these great folks was their relationship with their animals. The cows are all numbered for paperwork reasons, but out in the field our farm tour leader (and goat specialist) Cat referred to each of these animals by name. The care and respect they show for their animals makes us feel very good about supporting their farm. (Thanks again Anne, Ben & Cat for the wonderful hospitality!)






Driving home with a cooler full of beef to stock our freezer for winter had my heart full of deep gratitude for the farmer and cow that made this possible. For my kids to meet the animals and humans that bring that meat to their plate is something very awesome to me. At the end of the day my eldest girl, with a basket full of farm fresh eggs summed it up perfectly for me, "This is why we don't buy grocery store meat, right mama."

Ahhh, yes. Yes it is.




~~~To find grass-fed beef in your area, visit Eat Wild.~~~


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