because food is love

It is, isn't it?

I've been thinking so much about food lately. Wether emotional or physical ailments arise, nourishment always seems to be the answer. A cup of tea with honey. Immune boosting herbs from the garden. Dinner shared with friends. A family gathering to eat and talk about the day over soup lovingly prepared with broth made from scratch and fresh vegetables. Somehow as we travel the road of eating sustainably I always come back, amazed, at one thought: how simple it is. Food is Love. If every part of what you eat was grown and created with loving hands, it will be good. It will nourish the body and soul. Somehow during the chopping of vegetables and kneading of bread dough, a lot of good karma and love get mixed in, baked up and served alongside the meal.



making grilled pizzas for dinner


It's no surprise that as a nation, we are unhealthy. Think of the general population's eating habits. Prepackaged factory made and frozen nutrients can never replace traditional cooking practices. Fast food, no matter how free range and organic the ingredients, can never replace the meditative values of preparing a meal yourself, of feeding your people, of gathering to enjoy a meal, of creating with love. I think so many of our ailments from arthritis to behavior issues in our children and allergies in all of us have a great deal to do with the way we eat. It seems as if we are at a pinnacle moment to take back our food. To take hold of the apron strings, head held high and continue (or perhaps learn) to feed our families. Taking the time to know our farmers, grow our own & learn some traditional ways to prepare a meal from scratch. To have a few less cans full of precooked food make their way into our house. To sit and enjoy this food while looking into the eyes of our loved ones. 



table set & candles lit for our evening meal, even at the picnic table 


As a mother to a teenage boy, and all the turbulent moments that can bring, I can always coax a smile with a homemade snack. No words need be exchanged. When you've had a rough day and someone makes you an almond butter & apple pizza on fresh homemade sourdough tortillas sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, you just feel a little bit better. And I think, if more people took the time to do this…. we could change the world. One apple pizza at a time.

Cooking together. Eating together.

Nourishing body & soul. 

It's empowering, really.

Food IS Love.


8 thoughts on “because food is love

  1. Yes, it is! And I never thought of almond butter apple, cinnamon pizza. Love it!
    Thanks, again, for the reminder that when other people are pushing food on me, what they are really saying is “I love you!”


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