A Wine Tasting



Joe & I hosted a wine tasting party in our home this weekend. The whole idea started with some of Joe's coworkers wanting to know more about wine….. the talking spurred the idea of having a "find good cheap wine" event. 






So we went to the store and picked out over a dozen bottles of wine, all under $15. Some were favorites of ours and some we'd never had before. We made some appetizers and a chocolate dessert too. Our guests all arrived and contributed some cash to a mason jar to help offset the wines we purchased. Everyone had a price list of the wines and a pencil to mark which ones they enjoyed.








It was totally fun! And we felt like real grown ups hosting it! The kids even had their own tastings of several flavors of sparkling cider and polished off a few plates of smoked salmon dip and cheese and crackers. Oh yes, and the chocolate cake too!




Our in house artist decorated tags for Joe's homebrewed wine, which to no surprise won hands down in the Chardonnay department. Our reds are still a little young, they need to age for another 6 months, but they still tasted very good and we're quite excited about tasting them again at winter's end. After purchasing this much wine at one time, I must say brewing your own wine saves a LOAD of money! Our Chardonnay for example costs under $70 to produce 30 bottles and tastes better than any $15 bottle we've tried.


And just for fun, a list of winners!


Black Castle "Bulls Blood" Bikaver $11.99 (a dark red)

Route : 1 Cabernet Sauvignon $11.99 (dry dark red)

Coppola Malbec $11.29 (a mellow red, a favorite of mine!)

Maipe Malbec $11.99 (fabulous!)

Bogle Petite Syrah $8.98 (a light red)

Cono Sur Pinot Noir $13.88 (a light red)

Brazin Old Vine Zin $12.29 (lovely light red)



Joe's Chardonnay $2.35 (a fabulous homebrew!)

Newman's Own Chardonnay $8.75 (dry white)

Martin Codax Albarino $13.79 (dry white)

Black Castle Sauvignon Blanc $11.19 (smooth buttery white, not sweet)

Clos Du Bois Sauvignon Blanc $9.99 (smooth & buttery white, not sweet)




9 thoughts on “A Wine Tasting

  1. Have always wanted to do this! Very cool.
    You know there’s a Miner Family Vineyards in Napa, right? Some nice, modestly priced selections. We love to give as gifts since our last name is Miner as well, though no relation. Cheers!


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