A ghoulish bunch

The last few days have been a whirlwind of excitement.

My dad flew in. Followed by Joe returning home from his trip. Followed by my Aunt & Uncle driving from Texas. We had a house FULL for Halloween! Busy times!

As soon as I flipped the calendar to November my mind started full speed ahead to holidays….. just around the corner!! But before I start belting out Christmas tunes and hiding handmade projects around the house, I'd better share Halloween with you!

There was some pumpkin carving…..




Costume fun! The big kids pulled their own together this year, but I hand drew, cut & appliqued all those bones on the little man's costume. After diving into the project I realized the forearm of the shirt couldn't be sewed on the machine and hand stitched those bones. Insane, I know. However my very particular little man was quite clear that he wanted bones on his back. The vest & pants for the hippie chick were easy and super fun! I think my hippie chick will be rockin' the patchwork bell bottoms regularly for some time!





(photo by my friend)


We had our first ever scary costume, which went over surprisingly well with our youngest. Sam was very, very cautious to not to frighten Luke and was such a good sport when our littlest skeleton referred to big brother as "the daddy skeleton". 



 This is Luke's scary face! (photo by my friend)




Jade, my always silly one, pulled off a fabulous detective completely on her own!




And last of all, the scary one. Sam had this idea of a big toothy smile and evil eyes….. sort of a half KISS half Joker thing going on. It was my first paint job like this and was pretty spooky in the dark…. especially after trick or treating at which point the humid southern Louisiana air caused the face paint to literally melt off his face! I'll spare you that picture 😉 Oh the balance of raising such a vast age range of kiddos… keeps me on my toes for sure!

I'd love to see what your own bunch dressed up as, leave a link below if you want to share!


{ps – if you've still got a load of Halloween candy you'd like to see disappear, you can read my story in Fall edition of Rhythm of Home for a wonderful idea}


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