Yesterday I pretended to need to run errands in Lafayette.

Ending the trip with a stop at the airport.

"Why do you need to see the airport?" asked my biggest girl.

"Just because, I think it's smaller than New Orleans….. maybe it would be nicer to fly out of Lafayette instead." I fibbed.

"Or maybe we could give him a ride." I say, pointing to my dad.

At which point, my littlest yells, "mom, that's my papa over there!"

Imagine an entire car of screaming whoops and hollering.


{a big thanks to Grammy for helping us turn Papa's business trip into a side trip visit to Louisiana!}  



Tonight as I watched them walk down the sidewalk together, I was feeling very grateful for a surprise visit with papa. Of course, the littlest asked him "next time, can you please bring Grammy too."

So Grammy, next time Papa can stay home to work, and maybe we can pull off a Grammy surprise 😉


13 thoughts on “papa!

  1. CUTE!!! How fun and exciting, for you and your kids. Love how you turned this airport trip into a fun mysterious adventure for your kids, with the best prize at the end…a visit with their papa! Yay!


  2. How sweet. And omygoodness are your kids wearing shorts and flipflops?
    I just pulled a short sleeved shirt off the drying rack today and thought “I won’t be needing that for a long, long time.”


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