just busy…..

Is anyone else racing to finish last minute Halloween prep??

I've got just four bones left to sew (hand sew- yikes!) onto a little skeleton costume….

the hippie costume is complete….

the big kids have needed little help this year….

I'll be sharing costumes with you all soon!

For now…. I just had to share this sweet picture of my boy….

and I'd better get back to work…

I've got a surprise up my sleeve for the kiddos….

see you soon….




9 thoughts on “just busy…..

  1. All of my children are doing it on their own this year – the older ones working with the younger ones, something they did all on their own…
    I think we have a pumpkin, blue jay, hobo, old man, cowboy, and the other “just something”.
    Looking forward to seeing the creations.


  2. So cute!
    Ella decided she wanted to wear the exact same costume she wore last year. And it fits. Yay for me! That means I just had to sew for the little one, and I finished it Friday. I have NEVER finished Halloween costumes a week early. And the little vet scrubs are so cute and comfy looking I just might have to make a set for myself. 🙂


  3. No handmade costumes this year but we did do freezer paper stenciled shirts tonight. A little is better than nothing right?! Looking forward to the costumes!
    Those eyes!


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