the secret to napping

I have recently discovered the secret to getting a 4 year old boy to nap.

Tell him it is time to clean up his room.

Lately in the before dinner clean ups, I have often come to check on my boy (who is supposed to tidying his room) and find him sound asleep in his bed. Who can resist a pile of handmade quilts and the afternoon sun? I suppose he's growing, and all the outside time with cooler weather is just tuckering him out. 

Usually while he's asleep I tidy up his room….. he's sure a fairy or a helpful troll did it for him. I enjoy a very peaceful dinner making time and he's well rested to enjoy it. 

Sometimes, parenting is about inventing your own rules. Even if they seem crazy to anyone else.



Enjoy your weekend!

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14 thoughts on “the secret to napping

  1. Oh, does this bring back memories. Blanket tents flurished at my house for many years. The kids were just talking about them the other day. It one of their great memories. (I just don’t remember them ever falling asleep) Have a great day.


  2. my 4 yr old doesn’t nap anymore =( i miss it, he liked to be rocked and sung to, and would fall asleep w/ his head on my shoulder. it was my favorite time of day.


  3. Ugh! I wish that worked for my youngest…. but he’s “on fire” all the time…. so I’ll try and sing and he tells me “mama, stop, just sing me the mama-mia song okay”. He wants me to sing him bohemian rhapsody. Or some other crazy song. He’s a funny one. Fortunately the lullaby story time works like magic at bed time 😉


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