well, it’s not broken

After a bad fall from the swing last night, I had one limping child.

Then a few minutes later a 4 year old emerged from the bathroom with eyelashes missing from one eye. Freshly trimmed. Remember those eyelashes? Let us not consider the possible injuries he could have inflicted upon his eyeball! I know, they'll grow back, but it is rather funny looking. This is actually fairly normal "the mama is making dinner" chaos at our house. Maybe a notch or two above with the daddy away.

The one legged child, one eyelashed child and cat all were happy to fill daddy's empty spot in bed. I think they may have slept well. By this morning we decided to have an x-ray done on the swollen foot.

Badly bruised and sprained never sounded so good. She should be back to her tree climbing high swinging self in a few days.

Thank goodness kids are so resilient to injuries…..

And for now, I am going to sit right next to her…. with a (second) cup of coffee and some knitting…..

I see a lot of coffee and chocolate in my life in the next few days. Oh yes, and wine too.




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15 thoughts on “well, it’s not broken

  1. dear sophia,
    i’m so sorry you hurt your foot. i hope it feels better soon. i hope you can still go to the co-op tomorrow.


  2. Poor babe! Glad it isn’t broken! Mike dropped a dresser on his foot 3 weeks ago and it pinned him between the dresser and retaining wall. His ankle looked horrible for the first couple weeks, but I couldn’t convince him to go to the doctor! I swear he fractured it. Ick.


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