and he’s off

35,000 frequent flyer miles

$147 dollars

a man and his one piece of carry on luggage




10 days of guitar playing fun in Sitka with his buddy. Yeah, I'm jealous. But that had working man hasn't had a break in quite sometime…. so, I suppose he's earned it. And truthfully, the whole thing was my idea.

"Really honey, you need to go see your friend!"

And besides, that means I've got over a week of late night crafting ahead of me…. 

hope the kids don't mind oatmeal for dinner!


8 thoughts on “and he’s off

  1. LOL.. i wish i could send my husband off somewhere. Ahhhh wishful thinking. Is that bad of me? We’ve only been married for 2.5 months LOL!


  2. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from each other. And then you can stay in pjs all day, watch sappy movies, knit into the wee hours, feed your kids pancakes for three meals a day…love it! Enjoy each minute. He’ll be so rejuvenated when he gets home that it’ll be time for YOU to take a holiday!


  3. You are a good wife to send your man off for 10 days in Alaska. What a treat.
    I recently felt guilty about how much I was enjoying my hubs absence during hunting season. Then my friend said “all relationships need space.” Ahhh. Plus an 800 sf house gets crowded quickly. And I do like that evening time all to myself.
    Enjoy your oatmealy nights.


  4. I’ve been lurking again lately. I wanted to step up and say that I think that these are some of the most important parts of marriage. Not only finding time to be alone together, but supporting one another with chances to be alone and to be with others who are important to us too. Now, 10 days is a long time and you are one generous wife! Scrambled eggs make for a good dinner too!


  5. I could never type this in a way that sounds as nice as I mean it, but I enjoy the opportunity to miss him. I love him dearly, he’s my soul mate and best friend…. but I like that moment when I haven’t seen him in a few days and I think with dreamy twitterpated teenage lust “I love that man”. It’s good stuff 🙂


  6. More breakfast for dinner! Perfect 🙂
    I do agree…. space and more importantly supporting each other is key. I really knew he needed a getaway… and he’s one I need to shove out the door to do it! Right now he is having an awesome time and surely recharging his soul…. I love that 🙂


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