an inedible Monday Bites : Clean!

No, you can't eat it.

And really I'm not even putting the recipes here today…. just the ingredients list. That way, if you want to redo your cleaning supplies, you've got a week to get all these goods together. These are safe enough for the kids to help with cleaning and they still do a darn good job scrubbing the grime away. Plus, I think making your own cleaners counts as science. Right?

This will be everything you need to make up your own house cleaning kit. It's cheap. Eco friendly. Easy. Everybody's doing it! (do I sound convincing yet?)

Over the past few years I've tweaked recipes I've found here and there. Next Monday I'll post the recipes here for the following goodies……..


Toilet Cleaner ~ Scrubbing Paste

Glass Cleaner

Mold/Mildew Spray

All Purpose Spray (countertops & bathrooms)

Floor Cleaner (for mopping)

Drain Cleaner




To buy for next week::

1 gallon of white vinegar

1 GIANT box of baking Soda

Club Soda (I like to buy a 6 pack of cans)

Natural Dish Soap

Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils (we like peppermint, lavender, pine & citrus)




Also, to store your new goodies, you'll need::

2 squirt bottles (like a repurposed dish soap bottle)

2 spray bottles (3 if you are making mildew spray)


See you all here next Monday for the recipes 😉


PS – Again, thank you for all your sweet comments during last week's posts. You all make me smile!


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