Creating a Nourishing Home


Over the past few months I've gotten to know Donna Ashton little by little through The Waldorf Connection.

After listening to the first 2 series I was hooked! Over the summer I've been slowly listening to the Homeschool Expo that Donna most recently put together. It is such a wealth of wonderful information. I am finally starting to feel like I understand Waldorf Education. 

One of the most wonderful things about all of this information is that it is put together by a pro homeschooling community of people. In the beginning there was much debate in the Waldorf world as to wether or not true Waldorf could even be done in a homeschool setting. Fortunately more and more people are receptive to Waldorf at Home. In the past, each "show" was an hour long talk between Donna and an expert. Of course most of them would not refer to themselves as experts, but for those of us just getting our feet wet, they certainly are a wealth of knowledge! 

If you have questions about Waldorf, or just want some good positive information on Waldorf Homeschooling, these are wonderful resources to explore. Donna offers past shows in the series and also in smaller theme based packages.

This afternoon Donna is exploring the early years of Waldorf and you can "attend" the event for free by registering here : The Waldorf Association  

It should be a very inspiring and creative event, I hope you can make it!


6 thoughts on “Creating a Nourishing Home

  1. Thanks for the links. I think I’ll treat myself to today’s information sesson. I’ve definitely been curious about the whole Waldorf way and how it differs from, say, the Montesorri or Reggio Emilia philosophies.
    I’m looking for something that flows with our life. Simple yet meaningful.
    Thanks again!


  2. Oh I have never heard of Reggio Emilia… heading to google it 🙂 I do love the simplicity and rhythm of Waldorf…. and Donna puts it all together in a fabulous way for people just coming in to it all.


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