dust covers for the girls

So it seems as if the sewing duo (aka the girls) are here to stay out on the table. I've been sewing almost daily, no sense in putting them away. But they were naked! Or "nakey" as we say in our house….. so after scrounging around in my fabric stash and remembering a few yards of oil cloth I bought on sale months ago…. I came to this idea. 


oil cloth covers

 sergers are a funny shape!


I sewed one up for Miss 11's machine first….. yes we finally put my old machine in the girls room (more on that soon). And I loved it so much that my serger and sewing machine got one next. They were all made up after dinner before bedtime in a flurry of tracing and cutting and sewing….. 


stitch detail

stitching detail


Basically you just need to measure the sides of your machine, add a 1/2 inch seam allowance and an inch for the bottom hem. I sergered them together and used a decorative stitch to hem the bottom. Or you can trace an old cover if you happen to have one. They aren't perfect, but you know they keep the dust off a sewing machine rather well, and best of all they look smashing with turquoise and orange. Oh, I am smitten with this print!

Happy stitching friends!

(oil cloth is Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner)


16 thoughts on “dust covers for the girls

  1. Oh I love the oil cloth that you chose, and those are super cool covers. I have one that came with my machine, but I think that I am going to have to make one of these just to have something pretty to look at 🙂


  2. I love that they’re pretty to look at! AMH is a favorite of mine. And the ones that my machines came with had a hole in the top for a handle… which lets dust in and I never carried them around with the cover on…. plus my button loving 4 year old needs no encouragement 🙂


  3. Oh these are so pretty, about to set up a permanent place for my machines, instead of the kitchen table, so need to make some of those – love that fabric.
    Just found your blog via soul mama and enjoying your posts so will be back !


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