Monday Bites ~ DIY Sprouts

These little green bits are a favorite around here. My little guy will eat them be the handful (or mouthful) if given the chance to do so.

At $3 – $4 for a plastic pack full of them at the grocery store we long ago decided they were a treat. Something to relish every now and then. Over the summer we’ve gotten the hang of making them by ourself. Not only is it economical, but friendly to the earth too. And the little guy can eat as much as his sprout loving tummy desires.

These would have been especially appreciated back in the cold months of Wisconsin winters when there seemed to be not a fresh local green leafy vegetable in sight for months……. 

We eat these in salads, on sandwiches and yes, by the handful.


seed soaking 


Start by soaking a Tablespoon of sprouting seed in a quart sized mason jar of water for about 10-12 hours.

  Drain the water, rinse the seeds and rinse every so often throughout the day. Leave in a sunny place on the kitchen counter or in a windowsill.  I try to rinse mine 4 or 5 times throughout the day…. since they are on the counter at room temp, they will mold if not rinsed often. They need rinsed 3 times a day minimum.



By day two you will have little green sprouts and by day 4/5 they will be ready to eat. We find that a Tablespoon nearly fills a mason jar in about 6 days. We let our sprouts get a wee bit bigger than the grocery store variety. (A little more sprout for your time/money in my opinion)

Add hummus and naan and enjoy……. oh—so—good.


sprouts 2 


PS – We’ve had great luck with this sprout mix, we use the salad blend with lentils in it, yum.  


4 thoughts on “Monday Bites ~ DIY Sprouts

  1. I’ve been wanting to make some, but didn’t know if it was hard to do or not. Every time I’ve bought sprouts at the store, they’d be rotten within a day, so I gave up. Thanks for posting this, I’ll be making some for sure!


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