Pollywog Britches + Autumn Tenderfoot Bags

And the name is:

Pollywog Britches!

pollywog britches debut!

A mix of my hubby’s suggestion and Rachel’s suggestion.

{which means Rachel, you are getting a much coveted jar of wild picked blackberry jam, I know full well you will savor every bit of it!}

And if I had enough jam to share with you all, I certainly would…. perhaps we should organize a homemade preserve swap…. now that would be fun!

Along with the new linen britches, there are some limited edition autumn Tenderfoot bags……


autumn bags 


Thank you all for the great suggestions. Sharing shop happenings with all of you is great fun…. thanks for sharing the excitement in the debut of the Pollywog Britches….. and not that I’m trying to sell you stuff, because I see this space as being more friend than business based…… but if you did have your eye on a little something from the shop….. in the “message to seller” type in the code : GYPSYPAL15 to receive a 15% discount off your order. The coupon is good through Monday 9/20. Discount will be refunded via paypal.

There should be some perks for being my pal, right 🙂

Happy Weekending!

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